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Rosstat head Rosstata Alexander Surinov has urged foreigners to participate in census

Yesterday has urged foreigners to take part in the All-Russia population census from October, 14 till October, 25th.

Irrespective of, legally or not citizens of the foreign states are in territory of Russia, they should not be afraid of information or extradition disclosing home.

Diplomats and workers of embassies can help Rosstatu in calm the citizens. It was declared by the head of Federal Agency of the state statistics Alexander Surinov at a meeting with representatives of diplomatic missions.

As he said, to the copyist it is completely not important, the person in territory of the country legally lives or it is illegal. other department " is engaged in such questions; - Surinov has assured. And the information on citizens anywhere further statistics will not leave. The questionnaire as head Rosstata has once again reminded, does not fix neither a surname, nor a name. Data will be stored obezlichenno, therefore representatives of diasporas can not worry for access to the personal information. The general data as head Rosstata has declared, will be given and statorganam other countries.

the Management of service of statistics has already spent, as Surinov has declared, some meetings with heads of the large diasporas living in Russia. As the representative of Republic Armenia has told to the correspondent, their citizens easy concern census, and those who, for example, is wanted leave the country only. By the way, as speak in the Rosstate, many representatives of the Caucasian republics for the period of census leave on the historical native land, that to be copied there.

Besides, according to the Viennese convention officials of other states and members of their families will not be interrogated during population census. Thus all simple citizens, according to Surinova, can participate in poll by two ways. For this purpose they can come on perepisnoj a site or remain at home, expecting arrival of copyists. those who lives in territory of our country of more year, will fill questionnaires the same as also the Russian citizens - head Rosstata has explained. For those who is in territory of Russia temporarily - less year - there is a truncated form from seven questions. Unlike long they will not specify foreigners neither formation, nor a work place, possession of languages, and only a name, date of birth and country of origin. Thus all citizens have the right to refuse definition of own nationality. And at answers to other questions copyists will be to prompt and to convince to answer. However, even participation in census in our country voluntary. That has a little surprised the representative of Panama who has asked, what punishment follows after refusal of participation in census.

At each copyist, Surinov has noted, in a set of documents there will be an explanatory to the questionnaire (which it is printed only in Russian) in eight languages, for example English, French, Uzbek or Tadjik. Translators in places mass residing of foreigners the foreign students trained in the Russian high schools were caused to work.

the Inquiry

Two days ago population census has begun and in Republic Ghana. There it will last only week. As the Charge d`Affaires ad interim in Republic Ghana Kodzo Kpoku Alabo affairs has told to the correspondent, at the population in 22 million person of this time is quite enough. Thus copyists are basically teachers of initial classes, and employment temporarily stop.