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Vladimir Putin has visited the largest in Russia lesopererabatyvajushchy industrial complex

Vladimir Putin has visited yesterday the largest lesopererabatyvajushchy country industrial complex - the enterprise is under control of the Austrian company. Influence of Europeans aloud at least under those posters by which all factory is covered.

However, operate industrial complex the whole world : it belongs to the Austrian international group Neusiedler which is absolute affiliated company of group Mondi Europe which is included structurally into transnational corporation Anglo American. Yes at you there woods are not present, it is a lot of roads, and woods are not present, and at us on the contrary - Putin to general director Gerhard Kornfelda has joked, having learnt that in Austria much more the wood (not asphalted) roads on square kilometre, than in Russia.

However this circumstance which has become by that thanks to supervision of the prime minister, has not affected in any way not only manufacture plans for development, but also on efforts of the Austrians on creation of new culture of technological safety.

LPK provides more than 40 percent of the market of office and offset paper to Russia and the CIS, makes a newsprint, a cardboard. The total amount of own preparation of wood makes about 2,5 million cubic metre a year. to teach inhabitants of Komi it is solved by means of slogans which hang on all space of manufacture. For example, as appears from posters, safety should be in thoughts, conversations and actions, and spare parts for the person are not present . The separate attention is given struggle against drunkenness: in the Evening the drunkard - in the morning not the worker! . But to it the list sins it is not limited, the Austrians have gone further: the Enamoured coquette on manufacture - accident! .

However, the introduced chastity is fixed by decent earnings to local measures. Putin has asked the chief of one of Andrey Pozdnyakov`s shops, what salary it.

- Good, - Pozdnyakov has spoken, wishing to stop conversation.

- But not a secret? - The prime minister insisted.

- the Secret!

- Be afraid, what the wife learns? - Putin has pathetically told.

- My wife and so knows, - Pozdnyakov and at last has told, having surrendered under the pressure of an administrative resource, admitted that receives 70 thousand roubles.

In a word, investments into branch go. According to the prime minister, 12 large-scale projects for the sum of 34 billion roubles are already realised, created more than 4 thousand new workplaces. In 2010 it is planned to finish nine more projects in various regions of the country which will allow soz to give 3,5 thousand more workplaces. The primary goal of the state consists in giving the chance to work in wood to all interested investors. If the project answers the established criteria, business should not have problems neither with rent of forest plots, nor with the decision of other questions - Vladimir Putin has told.

It has reminded that in 2006 of the power have accepted the new legislation, as a result a deadline of rent of forest plots has been increased till 49 years with the right of priority of its prolongation for diligent tenants. Besides, the investors, intending to enclose more than 300 million roubles, can receive a forest plot without tendering, and the rent for them can be lowered for 50 percent on all time of recovery of outlay of the project. And, at last, export taxes on raw wood, " have been raised; thereby business has received an accurate signal: the one who wants to work in the Russian wood, should develop processing .

- Russia is, speaking in images, the wood country. At us the huge areas are covered by woods is unconditional our competitive advantage, - the prime minister spoke. - probably, at other countries of the world we also will not find such wood riches. It is a renewed source if it is rational to manage. Projects of deep processing is, certainly, and new, well paid, highly skilled workplaces. The salary rather worthy at the new enterprises, is surtaxes in budgets of all levels and very often it is unique chance of revival and worthy life in settlements for our small cities and the settlements located in a so-called wood zone of the country. Will not be there modern lesopererabotki - will be nothing: people will simply leave.