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Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn: the Question on renaming of the president of Buryatiya in the head of republic will be solved in the near future


session of the National hural of the Republic Buryatiya, considered the problem modification of Constitution RB about the name of the higher official of the subject of Federation Yesterday has taken place.

At the desire of our correspondent its results were commented by the secretary of political council of the Buryat branch of party an United Russia Vladimir Pavlov.

- the Question, according to regulations of the National hural, has been preliminary considered on committees NH RB in which there are representatives of all parties which have entered into parliament of republic, - he has told. - as a whole consideration passed normally. But there were questions as it is connected with the Constitution of Buryatiya, the Constitution of the Russian Federation, with federal laws. As a whole session of the National hural has made decision to transfer a question on November session. It is entrusted to profile committee on a state system to create working group that deputies of different fractions have entered into it. It is necessary to consider that respective alteration is brought in the federal legislation, it is necessary to see that will be changed. At November session we will make the positive decision.

The opinion has shared as well the representative of fraction Fair Russia Irinchej Mathanov.

- I think that there is a normal legislative process, this ordinary phenomenon when deputies have additional questions. Though this question was, of course, studied in committees, fractions. But happens that some deputies who did not participate in this process, have questions.

According to Mathanova, all it will be studied in more details during carrying out round tables and at session in the beginning of November three fractions presented in parliament, will come to a common opinion.

the Representative of fraction of LDPR Igor Bobkov too considers that anything terrible has not occurred. The conciliatory commission which will be created, will listen to all opinions and offers. And deputies will come on November session with the thought over, realised decision on renaming of a post of the president of Republic Buryatiya to a post of its head.

Vyacheslav Marhaev representing fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, has told that the question has caused a storm of emotions in some deputies.

- We have offered such variant: not to hurry up with change, to discuss and make the decision at regular session.

the President of republic Vyacheslav Nagovitsyn too has confirmed that the theme of renaming of its post was actively discussed not only at session, but also in republican mass-media.

- the General opinion into this account positively, - was noted by him. - I think, the question will be solved in the near future.