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The Volgograd official dismissed after fires, achieves reinstatement

In Rudnjansky district court the claim of the former head of area of Victor Morozova which demands has arrived to recognise illegal voluntary retirement.

the official has written the Application on resignation by own hand for the third day after fires which have happened in the beginning of September. Then on fire 7 persons from whom three lived just in Rudnjansky area of the Volgograd region over which supervises Frosts were lost.

the statement Addressed to the Volgograd governor has been directed to a regional thought. Next day head have released from a post, having appointed fulfilling duties of the head of its assistant Igor Bitjutsky.

Now Frosts tries to return itself a post, referring that accepted it under the influence of stress and the followed procedure of removal from a post and at all contradicted the Labour code of the Russian Federation.

- the area Charter provides that head directs the decision on voluntary retirement to the thought address, and me asked to write addressed to the governor, - he speaks. - It turns out that the thought considered the illegitimate document. Moreover, me have dismissed, without having waited extracts from hospital where I finished the cure of heart attack consequences, have not acquainted with the order for dismissal and the put two weeks have not allowed to finish. In general, my fault in fires is not present. All night long, while settlements burnt, I, being in hospital, was on communication with the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia Sergey Shojgu and with inhabitants of Rudnjansky area. Next morning has run away from hospital that will meet people, to support them. But me have exposed the switchman …

the Chairman of regional Legislative Assembly Olga Ogaryov considers that deputies operated strictly under the law, having approved voluntary retirement of the official. But Frosts it is assured of the correctness and intend to prove it in court.

we Will remind, in the beginning of September right after fires there was an information on voluntary retirement of three officials. However, if vitse - governor Igor Pikalov has publicly sounded the leaving reasons heads of two most suffered areas - Kotovsk and Rudnjansky decisions did not make comments. Nevertheless, hardly it can become serious argument in Victor Morozova`s business.

As the governor of the Volgograd region Anatoly Brovko, under the federal law " has declared; About the general principles of the organisation of local government in the Russian Federation the fact of a writing the head of area of a resignation already is a sufficient occasion to dismissal, and it is no important addressed to whom has been written. And participation in this process of a regional thought consisted only that it has defined the one who will temporarily replace otstavnika that in an emergency situation the area did not remain without the power.

on Victor Morozova`s business the district court will take out the Decision within the next few days but what it would not be, clearly one - authority of the power these dismantlings on the ashes will not add.

- To us games with posts and posts are not interesting, - Eudoxia Gatsenko, the inhabitant rudnjanskogo tells villages Osichki at which during a fire has burnt down the house. - the main thing that the authorities have paid in time promised indemnifications that it was possible to have time to be arranged on a new place before colds.