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To Stavropol Territory will collect cars under the German licence

To Stavropol Territory it decided to develop new branch - motor industry. With that end in view in suburb of the regional centre the automobile factory on assemblage of the trucks which are let out under the German licence will be constructed.

the Volume of investments will make more than 10 billion roubles. Factory building is planned to finish within three years. Capacities will allow to let out to 60 thousand easy commercial trucks a year.

it is obvious that at the beginning from the conveyor will descend much less cars. Production realisation - the weak spot of similar projects. Motor-car manufacturers always declare grandiose scales of manufacture, however actually cannot provide and a little bit of initial ideas. It is no wonder that in this case approximately it is supposed to send 40 percent of production for export. It is considered that in foreign markets will sell trucks easier.

the Stavropol project is realised under patronage of plenipotentiary representation of the president of the Russian Federation in Severo - the Caucasian federal district and according to strategy of development SKFO. Investors will receive state guarantees for 70 percent of the investments.

the Prospective time of recovery of outlay of the project will make six years. By the end of this term tax deductions will reach seven billions roubles. Thanks to new manufacture it will be created eight thousand workplaces.

For creation avmobilnoj branches in region it is allocated over 10 billion roubles, and investors will receive state guarantees for 70 percent of the investments

Motor industry - the youngest industry in the south of Russia. It has appeared in the middle of 90 - h years of the last century when private investors had considerable free resources for realisation of so ambitious plans. Special activity the Rostov investors differed. They even wanted to create Detroit - on - Don - large automobile manufacture in the Rostov region for what negotiations with leading western brands were carried on. However and Dzheneral motors and Toyota and Nissan have refused plans on expansion of manufacture in the south of Russia. Therefore as partners of local businessmen autoconcerns from South Korea and China have acted.

Throughout last years the scheme of actions remains practical invariable: the agreement is entered into with the foreign manufacturer about otvertochnoj to assemblage, in southern cities deliveries mashinokomplektov which gather on local manufactures will be organised. Finished goods sale is assigned to local dealers. Manufacture of some knots of cars is entrusted to regional factories. But, as a rule, it is a question only of insignificant details (for example, mirrors and caps for wheels).

Now cars of various types are issued in the Rostov region, Karachaevo-Circassia and the Chechen Republic, buses - in the Rostov and Volgograd areas, Kabardino - by Balkarii. Malotonnazhnye commercial trucks were made till now only on Don.


Irina Voronenko, the head of branch across Stavropol Territory Upravlenija Minpromtorga of the Russian Federation on Severo - to the Caucasian area:

- Such technics which will let out to Stavropol Territory, is very necessary in all spheres of manufacture. However if within two years the question of sale of these cars is not solved, the project can appear unprofitable. In the regional market cheap Italian, Chinese cars of this kind are already presented. Two years ago Turkish investors considered possibility of manufacture of cars and small buses in Georgievsk and Zelenokumsky areas of Stavropol Territory. But local investors could not offer even preliminary study of contracts on realisations of this production, therefore the project have curtailed.