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In the Oryol region the effective system of fight against corruption

is built According to the public prosecutor of the Oryol region Sergey Vorobeva, during the last years in region it was possible to generate system of the co-ordinated and co-ordinated actions of authorities, Office of Public Prosecutor and other law-enforcement departments in questions of struggle against corruption displays . Number excitation " became result; resonant criminal cases concerning the high-ranking officials, including former the first vitse - governor Vitaly Kochueva.

- the High status and prestige of public service assume observance by employees of variety of interdictions and restrictions, - Sergey Vorobev has told. - judging by semi-annual results of work, the situation in sphere of observance of the legislation on the state and municipal service of less disturbing did not become.

According to Office of Public Prosecutor, during the current year to court it has been directed 64 corruption Criminal cases, on 60 - ti from them are taken out verdicts of guilty. It more than last year. Among accused not only officials, but also it is a lot of deputies of different level. By in total public prosecutors it is revealed more than 2,1 thousand infringements of the legislation on the state both municipal service and corruption counteraction.

the number of protests of public prosecutors on illegal legal certificates has considerably increased also. Basically, ignorance of laws sin local authorities. As a whole on region anticorruption examination has rejected 225 standard legal certificates and their projects containing more 400 korruptsiogennyh of factors.

- For peak efficiency of results of public prosecutor`s activity we achieve its operative support in everything demanding those, cases, - Sergey Vorobev has told. - The optimum form of successful interaction at realisation of criminal prosecution which is used by law enforcement bodies on resonant, socially significant criminal cases about corruption crimes, is effective functioning is investigatory - operative groups. We will continue this work.