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In Yaroslavl Inhabitants of the Dzerzhinsky disctrict of the city have already renamed on September, 28th militia into police

have not believed to the eyes: at a crossroads of the Leningrad prospectus and street Uritsky there was a strange pavilion two in one - one half of premise was occupied with universal cash desks, and the second … police.   a signboard Police with white letters on a blue background absolutely definitely let know that renaming of power department has taken place also life under the new law has begun.

Unless the law on police has already come into force? - Asked each other discouraged jaroslavtsy.   - It like on completion recently have sent …

Not smaller shock   have worried and in the regional Department of Internal Affairs. In   a press - to service of management to us have informed that amazed all legislative the initiative belongs to administration of Dzerzhinsky area. There have decided to change modest Cube of Rubika in which the stationary post of militia, on more modern premise settled down. And, probably, introductions of the law on police into force have preferred not to wait, and at once all and to name the   names then once again not to alter a signboard.

However, in regional administration from attempt to overtake the president   categorically otkrestilis.

- Yes ourselves were surprised! We can not believe that the such happens, - is revolted the assistant to the head of Dzerzhinsky area on   to organizational work and Inga Shuvalov`s public self-management. - it is visible, the businessman who established this pavilion, or publicity agent on a wave of conversations on renaming of militia into police something have mixed. Already and guilty not to find - all assert that they at anything …

in general, the present detective story has turned out:   militia into police forward the president have renamed, and who - is not known. Also any girl - reklamshchitsa will be responsible falshstart for certain.

In the regional Department of Internal Affairs have told that after their calls to regional administration not legalised while a signboard from a new post of militia have hasty removed.