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In Ekaterinburg fight of barmen

the Ural barmen in Ekaterinburg has taken place competed in flejringe, is a word means preparation of cocktails by free style, with use of juggling, acrobatics, various games with fire focuses and even yoga elements. 13 barmen have taken part in a stage of the All-Russia competition from Perm, Ufa, Nizhni Tagil, Izhevsk, Tyumen and Ekaterinburg. From them only seven will take part in final All-Russia competition which will take place in November.

Flejring - movement types popularity in Russia. However, that effectively to throw bottles training is necessary. Trainers recommend to perfect movements on 4 - 5 hours daily: having begun with one - two bottles, gradually to master combinations a bottle - a shaker or three bottles three - four - five lemons and so on.

In flejringe as in figure skating, the jury estimates technical complexity of combinations along with style and appeal of work of the barman.

Competition has passed in Ekaterinburg on system fights : two participants worked simultaneously that the jury has had an opportunity to compare them.