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Muscovites complain about shortage of consumer services establishments

46 percent of Muscovites consider that in capital there are no consumer services establishments. During recent discussion of the general plan of development of Moscow till 2020 most of all townspeople complained about deficiency of inexpensive studio, dry-cleaners and laundries, shoe repair shops, metalloremontu, hairdressing salons ekonomklassa.

Vladimir Malyshkov, the head of department of the consumer market and capital services, recognises that the network of such enterprises located especially in step-by-step availability, is developed not so: to Specifications there corresponds only the Central administrative district of a city . And this with the fact that in Moscow in this sphere works an order of 11 thousand enterprises. But what it on odinnadtsatimillionnyj a city? On one on one thousand inhabitants, and on norm it is necessary not less than seven. To take at least shoe repair shops. Them on all city 500, and it is necessary at least 700. Workshops where repair home appliances, it is even less - 400 at requirement twice bolshej.

Why such enterprises as mushrooms, especially now when their services are especially claimed do not breed? Such figure testifies to it: if industrial output this year in capital has fallen almost to 30 percent - it is twice less a than change house! Actually it is easily explainable. Without having possibility to buy a new thing, many Muscovites prefer to send in repairing old. They get from kladovok for a long time the boots sent there, a coat and jackets to truncate, line, set... In practice it appears that new stiralku or the refrigerator quite often to buy more cheaply, than to repair the broken. My friend was convinced of it on personal experience. Caused by it for washing machine repair on the Internet the master has come, has changed any detail, took 7 thousand roubles and has left with feeling of the executed debt. But the import technics persistently did not wish to join and after its visit. The girlfriend was indignant. Has called once again. Obviously overcoming irritation, the master has arrived again. Again pokovyrjalsja in interiors of the cheeping machine, took three more thousand and has told that has made everything that could. While the drum turns, but the proprietress without fear - whether for a long time will suffice such repair, to the automatic machine does not approach. Other history. At my chief expensive dishwasher has broken. Only for a firm call agree to send the expert for 5 thousand. The mistress has stood pending: in repair and spare parts how many will manage?

- Earlier in Moscow in warehouses there were stocks of accessories for all technics, - Sergey Nemtinov, the head of a network of multiservices speaks. - now all only under the order - from - for borders. And it, understand, and dates of performance of orders others, and the prices. And what to hide, it is very difficult to find to repair shops the qualified masters. For 20 thousand roubles a month it is not enough interested persons to work, moreover and to study.

- we practically do not have qualified repairmen of home appliances, - agree with Nemtinovym Larissa Korzhneva, the deputy the head of department of the consumer market and services of Moscow. Not prestigious trades! I, when communicate with parents, always I advise to those who does not know where to direct to study the offsprings: the child does not want to go to institute, do not torment him, do not pay the big money for that it became the manager. Who such manager? In what it the expert? Let the guy will better go and something will learn to do by the hands. Not without reason Germans competitions in colleges have less, than in high schools!

But in Germany the same beginning master has the salary in two thousand euro and defective itself at all does not feel. Owners of the Moscow household enterprises assert that such payment of workers it is too expensive.

- For a premise the area of 27 square metres I cry 43,5 thousand roubles a month, - Elena ShCheglova, the mistress of studio on tailoring and clothes repair in the Kronstadt parkway in Northern administrative district has told. - the person, renting apartment, the maximum of thousand 20 pays, no more, and I am twice more expensive! I have one more premise. Plus a payment for light, water, the water drain...

It is asked, why to capital not to allocate more city squares for small-scale business development in sphere of household services? After all behind premises under the preferential rent rate declared by the government of Moscow - one thousand roubles for square metre a year, people in turn are built. But trade, for example, has received for the enterprises of the cheap areas of 782 thousand squares and a change house - only 312 thousand.

From here and low salaries of tailors, and such prices for services that, having heard about them of any to cutting - sewing to Muscovites would not be desirable to think - better to go and buy ready in shop. For example, the order of the most simple curtains in it studio will manage in 2670 roubles, and for truncation of jeans will lay out from 300 to 600 roubles. Also it is the average prices on a city. Is and above.

Or to take a dry-cleaner. Many of them are now equipped by the equipment of so-called seventh generation. The cleverest, modern and.... The expensive. It is natural that owners to justify the put up money or to pay off with credits, too lift cost of services. It turns out that jacket or jacket cleaning quite often manages in half of their cost. The same and in laundries.

Larissa Korzhneva has told that authorities of the capital try to supervise pricing process in this sphere. Asserts that the prices in a change house this year did not raise. Unfortunately, not all depends on them. here we have given the task of our chemical industry. How many it is possible to use import washing-up liquids?

Is not present, as it is found out, and good Russian materials for footwear repairing, and even elementary glue: 100 - the gramme tube import for footwear repair costs from thousand roubles!

For three next years the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov has set the task to increase a network of community service enterprises by almost one thousand new objects. The problem of their placing should be solved both to consumer market department, and department of support and development of small and average business. recently at legislative level the rate of the minimum payment for joining to electric networks - 550 roubles for one watt is fixed, - Larissa Korzhneva underlines. - In many respects it is a merit of Moscow. Our voice at federal level has been heard. Earlier the private businessman to bring an electricity to the workshop, should pay to the state of hundred thousand roubles. The same shoe repair shop for which also it is necessary - that of 15 watt, it costed 100 thousand roubles! Whence it is so much at the shoemaker?

Recently to me have told that in Australia to businessmen who only rise on feet and want to open the business, offer already ready enterprise, - Lydia Belogorodtseva, the director of college N 24 preparing shots for light industry speaks. - that is the beginning businessman comes in already equipped with all necessary premise, and for successful promotion it needs to realise only competently the business - the plan .

Belogorodtseva considers that a beginner, certainly, it is necessary to help by all available means. After all, as economists have counted, the means enclosed in opening of own business in the industry of consumer services, come back not earlier than through five - seven years. why at the beginning if not to cancel rent and payments, not to make them at least minimum, - she offers. - consumer services establishments in capital it is valid very little. And the most sad: they are not present in step-by-step availability. Here in what a trouble! So, there is no competition, the prices are not reduced. Less possibilities and for employment, than could be. Understand, if the same studio is near to the house also with shots they would not test problems .