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Russians became originators of serious road accident in Switzerland

Originators of serious road accident in Switzerland during street races nearby to Geneva there were Russians. Having arranged directly in the middle of night competition on elite cars on a line which is passing along lake of Geneva, one of racers has not managed to drive and on full speed has rammed another`s car.

the Swiss police has already informed circumstances of incident with participation of our compatriots. It has appeared that owners of sport cars Lamborghini Bugatti Mercedes and Porsche have solved pomerjatsja in horsepowers of the luxury cars. And to make it it has been solved on a public road conducting from Geneva to Lausanne. As a result, according to eyewitnesses, cars rich stritrejserov were dispersed till speed of 220 kilometres per hour. However result arrival it has appeared rather sad: The car Llamas borgini at the wheel which was 22 - the summer driver, in literal sense has flown in Volkswagen Golf moving to a passing direction. That for Russian began well, for the German at the wheel the Golf has ended with tragedy: 70 - the summer pensioner was taken from the bent car by rescuers. Then it has been hospitalised. Originators of incident, having thrown the broken sport car, have disappeared from a place of accident.

However, it has not prevented the Swiss police to establish the person of owners the VIP - cars and to detain cars. As the representative of the Geneva police has told, all vehicles are placed on shtrafstojanku before finding-out of details of incident.

the Russian drivers participating in night pokatushkah have been detained, interrogated, but then are released to the decision of a question on criminal case excitation. However, under last information, fans of fast driving did not begin to push luck and have once again hit in races. They are already put on the wanted list.