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Capital the Dynamo has won the main club tournament of Europe on bandy

the Next collision of two leading powers in bandy - Russia and Sweden has come to the end with triumph of our masters bendi.

Yesterday in the second match of a final meeting of the Cup of the European champions against Vesterosa dinamovtsy Moscow again have appeared more strongly the contender - 4:1.

On the threshold of the ending experts unanimously preferred the Russian club. The bases, it is necessary to recognise, at them on that were very serious. For all history of meetings between the Dynamo and Vesterosom (six games) Swedes could overcome it is white - blue only time. One more duel has come to the end in a draw, and four times the victory was celebrated by our hockey players. Thus on the ending of a present Cup Scandinavians do not like to remember last game of contenders. Three months ago, accepting within the limits of a companionable match on the arena of Russians, Swedes have been broken with the humiliating account - 4:12!

However, despite so impressive statistics, fans the Dynamo and players of capital collective were far from shapkozakidatelskih moods. all perfectly understand that the ending is the ending. If the command has reached this stage of tournament, means, it represents terrible force and is capable to achieve bolshego, - spoke on the eve of the first meeting with Vesterosom the captain it is white - blue Michael Sveshnikov. - there is a problem to win tournament, and not so essentially, in opposition with whom it is necessary to achieve the decision of this problem .

As has shown the first match of final opposition which were passing in Sweden, the halfback of operating owners of gold medals of the Russian superiority was not mistaken. Hockey players Vesterosa Have rendered worthy a meeting to the eminent contender, having conceded to visitors in the most persistent struggle - 0:2. At Russians in this duel have caused a stir Alexander Tjukavin and Pavel Fr.

Two days after, in Moscow, it was already easier. Sergey Lihacheva`s supported by the fans the wards, supervised a course of a meeting from the first and until the last minute. And if after the first time which has ended with the minimum advantage dinamovtsev - 2:1, the intrigue still lived, the third ball in gate of visitors in the second half beginning has definitively buried all hopes of Swedes.

Thus, dinamovtsy the second year successively and in the third time for last four seasons become the best club of Europe. However, for Muscovites now this success is important at all from the point of view of maintenance of pleasant traditions. The season beginning it is white - blue have spent not in the best way. Unsuccessful performances in World Cups and Russia have brightly shown that It is white - blue are completely not invincible. Sveshnikov and To now try to restore in consciousness of contenders the former, settled thought. Well, from it starting national championship only will be more interesting.