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The Office of Public Prosecutor of Germany has revealed about 200 suspicious football matches

At once we will tell that Russia in this list is not present. However, as German inspectors assure, it is a question at least of three matches of League of champions and variety of meetings of the national championships of Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary, Bosnia and Austria.

It became known about football arrests which were spent by police of Germany. Attendants of an order took from 15 to 17 persons in six European countries. In total under suspicion are an order of hundred persons. It incriminates payoff of players, trainers, judges and officials of some the Old World championships. Thus mass-media at all do not exaggerate scales when declare that under a cap of a Themis one of the largest antifootball criminal networks has got. So, according to the experts, on in advance safe rates in bookmaker offices this gang managed to earn an order of 10 million euro.

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business Details while are known only from one, German party. Within the limits of investigation in Berlin two brothers - the bookmaker - Croats of Ante and Milan have been detained by Sapina. Relatives in 2005 have been already involved in a sensational case. Then football arbitrators, 26 - summer Robert Hojtser and 30 - summer Dominik Marx, have been recognised by guilty of reception of bribes from Ante Sapiny. The court has sentenced Hojtsera to 29 months of prison, Marx has received conditionally 18 months. But brothers have decided not to refuse old earnings.

Now to both, certainly, much more serious punishment threatens. these people should not be among us, - the president of German football union Teo Tsvantsiger has declared. - There where there is money, there will be a corruption. It is important to place emphasis not that happens, and on how we will correct a situation. Accordingly and measures should be severe .

direct speech

In the meantime scandal with a result of a match France - Ireland in which not without the aid of the Swedish arbitrator the drawn game - 1:1 has been fixed, given to Frenchmen the admission on the World championship - 2010, does not calm down.

its both interested parties Here is how estimate.

Terri Anri, the author of a goal in gate of Ireland:

- I Worry about Irish. The right decision: to change this match. But I solve it not.

the Frame Poison, the minister of sports of France:

- Bad game has generated disputes and misunderstanding. The reputation of all France is touched. And Terri Anri should be fair up to the end and tell all truth.

Rajmon Domenek, the head coach of the French national team who has received the award of 862 thousand of euro for an exit in the ending:

- Also what to us now - to make a hara-kiri? Yes, the judge was mistaken. But France is rescued from a guillotine.

Eric Kantona, one of the best players in the history of the French football:

- I was shocked at all with that Anri has accompanied itself a hand. It became a shame to me, when he has taken seat before television cameras and on a kind at all has begun to calm Irish. For three minutes before it has inflated them, and now has appeared the angel. Yes I on a place of these Irish and three seconds have not sustained. And about the trainer of French national team of Domeneka I will tell only that such full zero in the French football was not since king Louis XVI.

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