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Marlene Hutsiev were presented by the sketch of the new picture not Evening .

Half an hour of an improbable silent movie. Under Brams, Chopin, Wagner`s music Lev Tolstoi, Anton Chekhov, Maxim Gorky, Sofia Andreevna, Tolstoy`s children revive. They do not say words. But why - that and so it is clear about what they speak.

Actually it not a silent movie. Just there has now come an installation and postscoring stage. If, of course, Marlene Hutsiev, the live classic of domestic cinema, finds on it money. After all the first information that it finishes picture shootings not Evening about Tolstoy and Chekhov`s meetings in Moscow and to Crimea, has appeared in mass-media in 2005. It speaks about the director faces what problems.

- I the obstinate person, - has told Marlene Hutsiev after display of the sketch of a picture to workers of a museum of Tolstoi. - not simply persistent, namely obstinate. And if I this work of the beginnings, I finish it.

Nevertheless it is visible that he worries. The first time it showed the picture sketch in the Clear Glade in September of this year. And too it was visible that considerably worried. For display - the Clear Glade and GMT - he has chosen places not casually. He wants to see impression of a picture of experts, people caustic, jealous on another`s treatments, and the main thing - knowing about Tolstoy more than Lev Nikolaevich knew about itself.

I was present on both displays and I can testify: experts it is literally thawed in the face of. In this picture there is any inexplicable magic. From first second you trust both in Tolstoy, and in Chekhov. Does not arise the slightest doubt are they, instead of actors. Hutsiev has correctly made that took actors not too known and, of course, upasi My God, not serial. Chekhov is played by the actor from the Contemporary Vladislav Vetrov, and Tolstoy - the actor from the Kaluga theatre Michael Pahomenko. One of Tolstoy`s children (to me it seemed that Lva Lvovicha) is played by the great-great-grandson of the Lion of Nikolaevicha, the director the Clear Glade Vladimir Tolstoy.

Hutsiev chose All executors at random. Has met where - that a known script writer Alexander Borodjansky and has exclaimed: Tolstoy`s Poured out son . Has invited him to shootings to Yalta. at you, Marlene Martynovich, I am ready to act in film in any role, even in a role of a dog, - have answered Borodjansky. - In a role of son Tolstoy - in general the tonic for honour . For a week before the director has seen the editor-in-chief of publishing house AiF Belief Melihovetsky. As you are similar to Tolstoy`s daughter. What eyebrows, a profile. Urgently arrive on shooting .

On - visible, it was strategically correct decision. The people playing roles in a film of Hutsieva, do not play, and live on the screen. United by the general love and tenderness to the protagonist Crimean an episode - to Lev Tolstoi. At this time - winter 1901 - 1902 - Tolstoy actually died in Gaspre, on a country house of countess Paninoj. The Pneumonia and at once a belly typhus. Has survived. And, of course, not only thanks to a mighty organism, but also care of the family. And thanks n no small part to meetings with Chekhov which Tolstoy gently loved as the person though very rigidly concerned it as to the writer and especially as to the playwright.

Tolstoy Michael Pahomenko at first has seemed to me too to the kind. At Lva Nikolaevicha if to judge on numerous photos, eyes - that were posurovee. But it is impossible to forget that Tolstoy did not love photographers. Therefore when we see on a photo of a severe Lion, it is necessary to remember always: he looks not at you. On the person with the device. Besides Tolstoy in Crimea is the patient, hard recovering old man. Anew getting used to the life, anew falling in love with it.

Why all - taki Not evening ? This Gipsy song a musical leitmotif the Live corpse . But Hutsiev explains it easier.

- Simply I wanted to tell it: It is not over yet . Still there will be a life, there will be a creativity.

Tolstoy after Crimea will live less than 10 years. Chekhov - only 2 years.

Hutsiev all - taki very courageous and unpredictable director. And it not simply film, but a film - an act. This pure, noble and, forgive for banality, highly moral and spiritual cinema. This reminder on ours not simply great writers, but the most expensive people thanks to whom we spiritually also have survived - that in the monstrous XX-th century. Also there is a hope that it is not over yet. We will survive and XXI.