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Kurban Berdyev: this year to win in CHR on football it was more difficult

Capital of the Russian football the second year there is Kazan successively. Local the Ruby for round before the termination of matches in the Prime minister - league has provided to itself gold medals. As it has occurred, correspondents tell.

In a match against Zenith citizens of Kazan, by and large, accepted a drawn game. But the Ruby very much wanted to hammer. It was prevented by the goalkeeper Zenith Malafeev which a wall stood on last boundary. As a result a drawn game - 0:0. Fans in Kazan have spent final seconds of a match standing. The announcer on stadium did not forget to remind an abacus in the Moscow match of CSKA and Spartaka . After soldiers have scored a victorious goal, fans have started to celebrate.

the final whistle, players " was soon distributed; the Ruby have changed clothes in specially made vests with an inscription Ruby - the champion 2009 . One year ago football players were represented in gold skullcaps. The head coach the Ruby Kurban Berdyev rejoiced some minutes to a victory. After all, according to Berdyeva, the season yet has not come to the end.

: Kurban Bekievich, what title was gave to you more difficult: this or previous?

Kurban Berdyev: this year it was more difficult to win. We after all needed to prove that that success was not casual that we - the present leaders. It is grateful to all fans for them podderzh ku. I congratulate all on our victory!

RG: And what the Ruby more strongly?

Berdyev: Present. We after all could lead good matches in League of champions. But to us still to progress and progress.

RG: whether the command to a match against " Will have time to be restored; the Dynamo (Kiev)?

Berdyev: I Hope for it.

All matches the Ruby in the championship of Russia goalkeeper Sergey Ryzhikov who also has given to the correspondent of a few time has spent.

: Sergey, what sensations of the double champion of Russia?

Sergey Ryzhikov: Sensations just double, but exclusively positive. There is a feeling of weariness, weight after a long season. But on the other hand - pleasure from the done work. It turns out that these twelve months knowingly worked.

RG: As will mark the second victory in the championship?

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Saffron milk caps: Magnificently (smiles). But it is exact not now. Do not forget that on Tuesday we lead a house match of League of champions against Kiev the Dynamo . And here then we will note seriously. We will gather all command and we will remember this season.

For the attacking Alexander Buharova the season became the best in career. The player not only has hammered in sixteen balls, but also has led the first official match as a part of Russian national team.

: Alexander as the command prepared for a match against Zenith ?

Alexander Buharov: the weariness, especially at players of various national teams was the biggest problem. But who thinks of it, when on a game costs gold !

RG: What champion title is more expensive to you?

Buharov: Last year`s gold is more sweet. Then there were inexpressible emotions. The first victory in the history. And already after a victory over CSKA 2:0 I have been assured of our success.

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Karpin has gathered in church

Destiny gold in many respects dared in a basic match of capital CSKA and Spartaka . It is red - white for preservation of chances of a victory in the championship it was necessary to take three points at any cost. And since the first minutes Spartak the big forces has gone forward. Efforts it is red - white were transformed to a penalty - Akinfeev has hooked Vellitona and Alex has opened the account in a duel - 1:0. At CSKA a joker Milosh Krasich who was very active has acted and has built a reciprocal goal in the end of the first time. Serbian havbek has made the verified canopy in the centre penal, Alan Dzagoev has sent a ball precisely in the top gate corner Dzhanaeva - 1:1 Is banished.

In the second time at first Netsid has deduced CSKA forward, then Velliton of an abacus has made even. It seemed that business goes to nobody`s when for two minutes till the end of a match of Netsid has dared at distant blow. The goalkeeper Spartaka Dzhanaev any more in the first game has committed the roughest error - has let a ball go for a line of gate - 3:2 in favour of CSKA.

the Head coach of soldiers Leonid Slutsky was very happy:

- This match the present ornament of all championship. It is difficult to analyze our game from the point of view of tactics. I am grateful to football players as the command has actually gathered only yesterday. I give due to level of skill and professionalism of players. Despite an error of the goalkeeper Spartaka I consider our victory deserved.

And here the general director and fulfilling duties of the head coach Spartaka Valery Karpin has noticed that agrees with opinion that Dzhanaeva someone has bewitched :

- Perhaps, indeed. And the truth, any logic in this a black series Dzhanaeva is not present... Who knows, can be all command we descend in church.

Loko goes for bronze

Capital the Locomotive in a match against fellow countrymen from the Dynamo has won an important victory - 2:0.

Thanks to this success railwaymen were made even on points with Zenith . However pitertsy essentially surpass Yury Semin`s wards in a difference of the hammered and passed balls. To win bronze to the Locomotive it is necessary to beat in final round Khimki and to count that Zenith will lose points in a match with Moscow " at home; Spartakom .

Last chance

Nalchiksky Spartak on a visit has confidently changed Moscow 2:0 and thanks to this success has prolonged a residence permit in the Prime minister - league.

And here one more applicant for a departure - Krasnodar Kuban after a guest victory over Terek - 1:0 still keeps theoretical chances of rescue. In last round it is necessary for it to beat in native walls the champion of last two years - the Ruby - and thus to hope for a misfire Rostov in a duel with Amkarom .

In other meetings Saturn has on the home field won a confident victory over Krylja Sovetov - 3:1, Khimki on departure have conceded Amkaru - 0:2, and Tom` With the minimum advantage has got the best over Rostov - 2:1.