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The Russian who was at the wheel Lamborghini it was drunk

the Swiss police continues investigation of large road accident with participation of inhabitants of Russia. And scandalous details of incident are found out. As confirms one of the Swiss editions referring to sources in law enforcement bodies, the driver Lamborghini become by the originator of road accident on a line conducting from Geneva to Lausanne, at the moment of failure was in an alcohol intoxication. Alcohol level in its blood has made to 1,1 promile.

Lamborghini on full speed ran in old the Golf (by police estimations, the car moved with a speed about 220 km at an o`clock). Were at the wheel the Golf 70 - the summer German has got serious traumas - rescuers had to take it from the bent car by means of the special equipment. Now it is in resuscitation, and doctors do not know, whether it will be possible to rescue his life. However instead of waiting police or, at least, to assist the suffered inhabitant of Germany, the companions of the Russian also participating in races, have only helped the originator of road accident to get out from broken Lamborghini . Then all company has quickly left a scene, having left the German to the mercy of fate.

According to police, the young man 1987 year of birth became the originator of road accident. It has no Swiss driving licence - Lamborghini the Russian operated by the Russian rights, which   Switzerland does not recognise. The originator of road accident has informed on failure to inspectors only that distinctly remembers, how wanted to catch up with companions . It was found out also that luxury cars - Lamborghini Bugati Mercedes and Porsche On which he with companions participated in the improvised night races on a public road which is passing along the Geneva lake, have been hired. All four Russians have been interrogated. Nevertheless, the police has allowed to take away it with shtrafstojanki the cars which then have been noticed about smart Geneva hotel Four seasons .

Official charge to the originator of road accident, other participants of race it is not shown yet. Though it is obvious that those not only have disappeared from a road accident place, but also have not assisted other participant of failure.