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Inflow of foreign workers to Russia has decreased almost on a quarter

pessimistic forecasts of the experts predicting essential, almost double increase of a stream of migrants to Russia for this year and corresponding strengthening of pressure upon our labour market HAVE not justified. According to Federal migratory service (FMS), for today the quota on foreign labour is taken out all for 65 percent.

If last year the work permit have received 1,7 million person, this year - 1,2 million. The unique federal district where the quota is almost completely spent, is Central.

As has told on a press - conferences the head of department of immigration control FMS of Alexander Zemskova, as a whole the stream of foreigners too has decreased. If for last year on territory of Russia have driven 14,4 million person, for this - 11,9 million. From them 6,7 million country have already left.

the Next year too yet does not foretell increase in inflow of foreign workers, and the quota is supposed to be lowered. In the governmental order project it is a question of attraction of 1,9 million guest workers, from them more than 600 thousand - a reserve, that is really found a job in Russia on the lawful bases can 1,3 million foreigners.

experts explain Decrease in inflow of migrants to that the majority of guest workers go to Russia on concrete workplaces. In anywhere go no more than 15 - 17 percent. And if to consider that now many enterprises, where they traditionally work (for example, the building companies), have suspended the work or have considerably lowered volumes of output also people prefer to be during this period in the homeland, expecting a green signal from the employer.

When the economic situation will start to be stabilised, foreigners will be pulled again on earnings in our country. And the potential for strengthening of this stream is high enough. In particular, for example, now in the CIS countries is about 10 million unemployed. As has shown recent session of leaders of trade unions of these states, on own forces in business of employment of the fellow citizens count only stronger Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan. And, for example, in Tajikistan the power count only on loyalty of the next states, agreeing to take for work of their fellow citizens.

However, Tadjiks - and not the most numerous nation working in Russia. As mark in FMS, the lion`s share - to a quarter coming to Russia in a visa-free order of foreigners - are Ukrainians. The second place on number is necessary on natives of Uzbekistan - approximately one seventh. On Tadjiks and Moldavians it is necessary on one tenth.

As to illegal immigrants, those in Russia now, by expert estimations, to 4 million persons. In FMS count that at least half from them leaves a shade thanks to the law on patents for the guest workers working in a private sector. The bill is brought in the government and after approval will be transferred in the State Duma. According to it the migrants working as gardeners, nurses, the cooks, doing repairs of apartments to usual Russians, can lawfully be about one year in Russia and easy work at private traders if will buy the patent. Its price - one thousand roubles a month. It some kind of the taxation of guest workers. Money will go to regional budgets. There will drive under the patent foreigners out of a quota.

have However, noted in FMS, it does not say that patent acquisition will allow foreigners to work free at the enterprise. To get a job to the legal body or the private businessman it will be possible only by the same rules, as now, and only within the limits of a quota.