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The Lebanese airports prepare ten INSTANT for reception - 29

the Delegation of the Russian military experts studies in Lebanon a question on suitability of local military airdromes for basing the Instant - 29 which delivery will be carried out, predictably, in 2010. Visit to the country of military mission has taken place according to the arrangements reached at intergovernmental level according to which Russia will transfer to the Lebanese Air Forces as gift of 10 fighters. On it on Monday have informed in the company Rosoboroneksport .

the Lebanese party attaches great value to a trip of delegation of the Russian experts which has been accepted by the higher military country leaders. Following the results of visit recommendations will be transferred the Lebanese partners. As to terms of deliveries of planes, it will depend on readiness flight and engineering - technical structure . On qualitatively new level partnership of two countries visit to Moscow 15 - on December, 18th last year has lifted the Minister of Defence of Lebanon Iljasa Murra. As he said, the Russian partners most have seriously concerned the request for increase of fighting capacity of the Lebanese army which carries out important function on maintenance of stability and resists to terrorist threat .

the Certificate the deep friendship connecting the people of Russia and Lebanon named the decision to transfer to Lebanon in the form of the help of 10 fighters the Instant - 29 head of the parliamentary majority Saad Hariri which have headed one of these days a coalition office. As he said, Lebaneses could not dream of such gift " at all;. As local military expert Iljas Hanna considers, the friendly step of Russia is Break in pressing question about strengthening of defensibility of the country also puts a basis for creation of modern army that demands working out of the serious military doctrine .