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The size of the transport tax will be defined in regions

by Deputies of the lower chamber of parliament have accepted the co-ordinated variant of amendments in the Tax code under basic rates of the transport tax. They will not increase twice as it was planned, and remain at the present level established still in 2003.

Representing the corrected law, the co-chairman of the conciliatory commission created after the former text has been rejected by the Federation Council, the first vice-president of the Duma Committee on the budget and taxes Gleb Hor has tried to explain again to colleagues that intention to double basic rates has been caused only by aspiration to expand tax base of regions and by that to fill regional budgets . After all, as has reminded Chorus, from the transport tax in the federal budget does not arrive copecks .

However, now members of parliament have found other way of a solution of a problem. They have given to the regional power the right at themselves in territory to reduce or increase the rate confirmed at federal level ten times. In the rejected law only fivefold increase of the basic rate was supposed. United Russia party members are convinced that on places will be scrupulously and in details to use this right. According to the first deputy of the head of fraction an United Russia Valery Rjazansky, some regions have already informed that will not change the tax rate and if will be, only for powerful, it is expensive - standing cars. However, Ryazan as the chairman of public organisation of the Union of pensioners of Russia was disturbed by a question, concerning the cars of the old sample which are long enough term in operation which proprietor, as a rule, are pensioners. The main thing - not to admit transposition of burden of the tax for the vehicle from shoulders of the rich automobile owners having economic cars, moreover and new updating and last year release, on shoulders of older persons, for which their old car not luxury, and necessary means of transportation - has noticed Ryazan.

However the Duma opposition has not satisfied and the corrected variant of the law.

the Difference only that in the law rejected by the Federation Council responsibility for increase of the transport tax was halved, and now it is completely transferred on shoulders of regions - Sergey Shtogrin (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) has declared, having added that in this case federal legislators remain with clean hands .

For acceptance of the new version of the law 312 deputies have voted.