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The LDPR suggests to include the transport tax in gasoline cost

LDPR Fraction will bring the variant of the law on the transport tax in the State Duma. On LDPR versions, the tax   should join in the gasoline price, and not exceed 3 - 5 %   fuel costs. At the present prices it about 53 copecks on litre of the fuel filled in in a tank.

the Bill increasing   the base rate of the transport tax twice,   the State Duma has approved   in   the third reading on November, 13th. But after mass protests of the public and expression of displeasure from Presidential Administration the document has been rejected by the Federation Council. It was offered to State Duma to formulate more comprehensible version of the law urgently.

a week later, on November, 20th, the State Duma has voted leaving the base rate at former level, but   to allow to increase to regions it in 10 times. Against members of three fractions - LDPR, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and " have expressed; Fair Russia .

According to the first a deputy head of fraction of LDPR in Maxim Rohmistrova`s State Duma, the accepted order of charge of the transport tax does unprofitable purchase of modern cars with low level of emissions. The bill offered by fraction will allow to pay only for kilometric area, instead of that the car costs in garage - he has noted. Besides, acceptance of the similar bill will allow to save considerably on administration of the given tax.