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The ice breaker Captain Hlebnikov again goes to Antarctic

the Ice breaker Captain Hlebnikov on Friday got out of drifting ices of Antarctica and safely reached on Sunday to the Argentina port Ushuaja, today again will go to Antarctic, and again with tourists onboard.

we Will remind that Hlebnikov making the next cruise along an extremity of Antarctic peninsula around Snow Hill`s island, on Sunday, on November, 15th, has got to a zone of drifting ices and has been compelled to reduce speed. Onboard a vessel there were 100 tourists, generally - from Great Britain and   group the Air Forces filming the Freezing planet .   to Get out on pure water Hlebnikovu it was possible only on Friday. And on Sunday, on November, 22nd, it has safely arrived to a final point of the route.

As have informed correspondent RG in Far East sea shipping company (DVMP), the company owning a vessel, the ice breaker will make one more kruiznyj flight from port Ushuaja to coast of Antarctica and back, and then will return to the port of registry   Vladivostok.

Since February, 1st, 2010 the ice breaker will begin work in La Perouse strait on conducting gazovozov, carrying out transportation with island Sakhalin.

By the way, on Thursday, on November, 26th to coast of Antarctic one more vessel belonging DVMP, - a diesel engine - an electrocourse " should go; Vasily Golovnin recently come back to Vladivostok after successful end of the Arctic navigation - 2009.

Golovnin is in a time - a charter of the government of Argentina. In Buenos - Ajrese it should accept cargo and fuel for polar stations of this country which it will be necessary to deliver to Antarctic.