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Rostovchanka Victoria Radochinsky has won at competition Mrs. of the world - 2009

In the picturesque resort city of Vungtau in Vietnam the competition ending " has taken place; Mrs. of the world - 2009 . This year the crown of the most beautiful married woman for which 78 pretenders from 77 countries at the age from 19 years to 41 years struggled, has got rostovchanke to Victoria Radochinsky.

to the Beauty 31 year, it works in one of publicity agents, the experience of its home life - about ten years. It has son Bogdan, to it four years. Even after its birth Victoria`s figure has not lost the almost ideal parametres: 91 - 62 - 91. Nevertheless, and for acquaintances, and even for relatives its victory has appeared unexpected.

- The matter is that Vick did not prepare at all specially, - speaks   the director of the Rostov modelling agency Michael Stepura. - Yes, in modelling business it since 16 years. Has had time to win titles The model of Rostov the Model of the South of Russia - 1998 . And last year became the student international   competition Pani Ukraine . But she is engaged in the basic work and the house, on time podium remains a little.

Native say about Victoria that she the good mistress, a lot of time gives to the son.

- the family is the most expensive To me on light, - she confirms. - since the childhood I grew in an environment of loving people. Mum and the grandmother, husband Vadim rejoice to any my successes and worried all heart when something was impossible.

Vick is on friendly terms with sports - regularly is engaged on training apparatus, floats, masters yoga.

Beauty at Radochinsky - line family. The sister of new Mrs. of the world Diana, for example, last year has won a title the Rostov beauty - 2008 .

- I did not doubt that Vick will get to the first three, but about a gold crown we did not promise at all - whether poorly what reefs happen at competitions of such scale, - Diana speaks. - and consequently its victory and for us was a surprise. When the sister called to us after rewarding, there were one emotions - tears, pleasure.

In the nearest competitors at rostovchanki there was an American, professional model which did all absolutely correctly. But rostovchanka has bypassed it thanks to the spontaneity and sincerity.

On competition of evening dresses Radochinsky left in sparkling, brightly red dress. It appears, this fiery dress have presented to younger sister when crowned its title the Rostov beauty . At local school of beauty there is such tradition - to give to winners the dress sewed by a city. Diana has let the his sister in pass - as a talisman bringing good luck. And Victoria has put on it the competition final stage. Also has won!

Now, having coped pulled hard on it together with a crown from white gold and ruby incrustation by the affairs, the first beauty is going to take off for Moscow, and by a weekend - to Rostov-on-Don, home.