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From the beginning of next year for Lipetsk exempts the order of fee of housing and communal services

Existing discounts changes are replaced with monetary payments. About 90 percent of exempts of the Lipetsk region have already addressed in departments sotszashchity in a residence, having given necessary documents and were defined with way of reception of monetary indemnifications - through   the Savings Bank or through post office. Preferences it was divided approximately fifty-fifty.

Of management sotszashchity across the Lipetsk region have assured that the one who has not specified a way of reception of monetary payments, without indemnification   does not remain. Compensation lipchane will receive the same as pensions. Payment will be listed not later than 5 dates, following for settlement.

the Size of indemnification is defined depending on a preferential category and   living conditions. Being based on indications of counters, it will be monthly corrected.

Since October in   Receipts the information on the payment sum is already printed.   on the average it will make 350 - 400 roubles.

- Such sums will be mainly received by townspeople, - the chief of department of management sotszashchity has told the population across the Lipetsk region Victor Bychkov. - at countrymen will be hardly less in view of absence of some types of service. For example, the lift. In general people from a forthcoming monetization lose nothing. All existing privileges remain in full.

If in a family some exempts payment will be charged to everyone individually. Data on lipchan, already using privileges, employees sotszashchity   take   from databases.

exempts - beginners should give the Full package of documents only. To update documents it is necessary for who had any changes. For example, if the person has replaced a place a residence or has established devices of the account of consumption of utilities.

not to create an agiotage, since April   in Lipetsk the client service which accepts documents daily works. On all questions concerning   a forthcoming monetization of social benefits, lipchane can address to experts in departments of social support of the population in a residence.

the Inquiry
lives In the Lipetsk region 315 thousand regional and federal exempts, 125 thousand it is necessary to Lipetsk.