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In Novosibirsk the World championship on Russian billiards

At men a victory has come to the end the world champion of 2006 orenburzhets Pavel Mehovov celebrated, among women of the strongest there was the master of sports from St.-Petersburg Olga Milovanova.

Tournament on a free pyramid has collected almost all strongest players of Russian billiards. To capital of Siberia have arrived more than hundred sportsmen from all CIS countries, and also Israel, Germany, Great Britain. Perhaps, unique who here obviously did not suffice, it is the champion of last year Armand Baklachjan (Armenia).

At the first stage piramidchiki have defined 32 best at men and 16 - at women. Then games on a departure have gone. The first sensations have here again begun. For example, Ukrainian Vadim Korjagin has won eminent Yury Pashchinsky. The relentless lot has reduced at an early stage of brothers of Sagynbaevyh - Kanybeka and Kubanychbeka (Kyrgyzstan). Has confidently won more skilled - the big brother, Kanybek. By the way, it has reached the ending where in the most persistent struggle has conceded to Pavel Mehovovu. All has dared in kontrovoj parties at account 5 - 6 on spheres in favour of Sagynbaeva. Here at the sportsman from Kyrgyzstan have handed over nerves, than Mehovov who has hammered in three spheres has not failed to use and has won World championship gold.

At women in a final duel Olga Milovanova has overcome the billiard-player from Belarus Violetta Klimov with the account 4:3. Struggle was absolutely equal, and its outcome has dared during the latest moment at the account on spheres 6:6 when Olga managed the most complicated blow. After that it any more has not missed a victory.

it is necessary to notice that competitions on billiards of so high level passed in Siberia for the first time. As the head of federation of billiards in the Novosibirsk region Alexey Bespalikov has noted: We could deduce billiards from cellars, pivbarov and saunas on sports level. Today at us the children`s school on billiards " operates unique beyond Ural Mountains;.

By the way

it was right the first blow at World championship opening it is given the pupil of Novosibirsk school five years` Egor Shipilov.