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In Kareliya directors psihinternata suspect of slave labour use

Law enforcement bodies of Kareliya have raised against the director of the Medical Vezhegorsky psychoneurological boarding school Alexey Seppjanena criminal case under enough rare article for republic - slave labour use.

As have informed in   Investigatory management of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, the director freely enough used patients of a boarding school. As it has been found out, insane persons people,   many of which under medical indications strictly forbids the physical work, one and a half month worked on an accomplishment of a site for the house   the head. They dragged heavy stones, mowed a grass, cleaned territory

But not only on this episode accuse Seppjanena. To it incriminate still swindle and forgery. The director of a boarding school, for the version of the investigation, has organised firm which ostensibly rendered services in home appliances repair, into its account money resources were listed. Actually the regular employee for the put salary was engaged in repair.

Alexey Sepjanen is detained,   to it threatens till ten years of imprisonment.