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The Romanian president has won the first round of elections

In the past revival in Romania has passed the first round of presidential election. The victory on it was gained by the working president of the country Trajan Basesku.

But for a clear victory it did not have not enough sixteen percent of votes. For it 34 percent of voters have voted only. Now Basesku it is necessary to battle with sotsial - democrat Mirchej Dzhoane in the second round of elections which will pass on sixth of December. The competitor of the favourite of race has typed about 32 percent of votes and now actually attacks heels of Basesku.

As local observers mark, these elections should put an end in political crisis which was provoked by falling of right-centrist government Emilja of the Side. We will remind that to it in October the parliament has taken out a vote of no confidence. Since then in Romania of rules the temporary cabinet. From - for what by the way the International currency fund has postponed the next tranche of the credit given to this country.

Present elections are significant also that they became the first since that moment as Romania became three years ago a member of the European union.

Now when from twelve nominees two favourites of race were defined, the Romanian political scientists have started to predict, as the country will develop depending on a victory of this or that politician.

So, according to experts, Basesku supervising the country of last five years, achieves the new mandate that, on its own words, to overcome blockade of its political reforms from opposition parties.

As to Mirchi Dzhoane who was in due time the ambassador of Romania in the USA and the Minister for Foreign Affairs he offers voters an ambitious package of provision of economic incentives.

the Winner of the second round will receive almost all key control levers the country. It will appoint new the prime minister - the minister of the country and will receive the legitimate right to influence carrying out for a long time the postponed reforms directed on bringing Romania into accord to the European standards, in particular, on struggle against widespread corruption in the country.

it is necessary to notice that in parallel with presidential election in Sunday has passed a referendum of abolition of one of two chambers of the Romanian parliament and reduction of quantity of deputies.

Besesku has expressed satisfaction that the majority the Romanian has supported unicameral parliament as a part of 300 deputies instead of the two-chamber. According to the Central selective bureau, 48 % of percent of votes received as a result of calculation, 77 percent of participants of a referendum were supported by the offer to transform parliament into the unicameral. Reduction of members of parliament to 300 - now in parliament of 500 deputies and senators has supported 88 percent. Official data practically coincides with results exit polls. Initiated Besesku a referendum on parliament reform has caused the sharp criticism from country leading parties.

In the meantime from Romania messages on probable forgeries on elections have started to come. So, in the special centres opened for those citizens which for the various reasons could not vote in a residence, higher appearance is registered, than experts predicted, Assoshiejted a press reports.

Everything, according to selective committee to which the news agency refers, in them should was vote more than 305 thousand persons, however the Minister of Economics of Romania Adrian Videanu has declared that the system in one of such centres simply has not sustained flow voters - tourists .