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Football players of Russian national team from heroes have turned for some deputies in women under investigation

After triumph of Russian national team for Euro - our 2008 football players, trainers hardly probable not all country was ready to carry on hands. Honorary titles, awards, enthusiastic comments of the first persons of the state did not leave doubts - these players gold letters have entered the name in history of the most popular sport to Russia.

However after the Russian team has not managed to make the way in number of finalists of the World championship of 2010, some deputies of the State Duma have sharply reconsidered the relation to yesterday`s heroes.

So, the representative of fraction Fair Russia Anton Beljakov has declared that actions of some players of the Russian national team in a responsible match with Slovenia cause serious questions at fans and experts. It concerns as a goal of Slovenes which has been passed as a result of an obvious and ridiculous error of our defenders, and as a whole behaviour of a command in the field.

News agencies give of a word of the deputy which, in particular, has told that during game in Moscow Russians operated actively and inventively, in reciprocal game all it has disappeared. Separate football players have spent it standing, moved " a little;. White hairs has declared that players on a tote, put to Slovenia, have received very serious prize. speech can go about tens and even hundreds millions dollars of profit - has told White hairs, informs RIA Novosti news agency.

Considering similar interest, the deputy has not excluded that inexcusable errors and inexpressive game of some our football players in a return match could be not casual .

White hairs considers that competent bodies should understand this situation very attentively. It initiated the legal commission to Committee of the State Duma on physical culture and sports to address in the State Office of Public Prosecutor and in minsportturizm with the offer to check up circumstances of defeat of Russian national team in a match with Slovenes on November, 18th.

the Same point of view adhere also a number of other Duma members.

charges of the deputy were answered with the president of National association of bookmakers of Russia Oleg Zhuravsky, which otmel all charges to players of the Russian national team:

- According to bookmakers from which name I can safely speak, the match passed fairly, - Zhuravsky Infox has declared. ru. - Any large rates to and during a match it was not observed. The factor on a Russian national team victory was corresponding as our command initially was considered as the favourite. We regarded chances of a victory of the team of Slovenia as absolutely low. The most probable outcome, in our opinion, the drawn game appeared. In general, all was logical, and to name this match strange, in my opinion, to put it mildly, silly and unfairly. At us, at the Russian bookmakers, and I think, and at all in the world, there is no even a small share of doubt that game passed in is crystal to fair struggle. Except as self-public relations the statement of the deputy you will not name...

Statements of deputies have forced many fans to remember history with persecution legendary commands of lieutenants - TSDKA. We will remind that it was the club which was idolised by fans and the mighty of this world, Bobrova which have given to the world, Fedotova, Nyrkova, Nikolaev. Soldiers were the card of the Soviet football up to 1952 when failure of players on the Olympic games has put a fat cross on stories of a great command. Here that Valentine Nikolays told in one of the last interviews:

- Then the thunder has burst unexpectedly. After we have drawn with Yugoslavs 5:5, has been appointed pereigrovka 1/ 8 endings of the Olympic Games. On game we left in excellent mood. The national team of the USSR has been completed basically by football players TSDKA. We joked that in case of defeat us, probably, will shoot... doshutilis. Beavers were hammered by the first ball, and in the answer we have received three. Why have lost? Simply the contender played better, and we ran across the field as if with lead in feet. Have returned to Moscow, but hands to us do not shake, eyes hide. It was found out that defeat has been equal almost to high treason - Stalin with Tito during that time were vicious enemies. Berija has come to the leader of the people with the report and has declared that the leading violin in that failure match was played by soldiers, which have entered arrangement to a bloody clique . Stalin was in fury and has at one stroke signed the decree about disbandment commands of lieutenants . What did it mean? Almost all players and trainers have been deprived honorary titles and sent in far garrisons. So ardent dinamovets Lavrenty Pavlovich Berija has got rid from competitors . Another matter that Berii and it the Dynamo it again has not helped: other contender Berii - " became the champion of the country that year; Spartak . He has won and a year later though Lavrentiju Pavlovichu it already was all the same: in June 53 - go he has been arrested, and in December it have shot. And the sentence was carried out by the general Batitsky which on a twist of fate was ardent fan TSDKA...