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The British military men have sent to be at war to Iraq with skis and without cartridges

Large scandal has burst in Great Britain. Hundreds pages of classified documents which visually show the gross blunders made by official London in Iraq have got to the order of journalists of some editions. And also total absence of mutual understanding and cooperation between the American and English military command during military campaign.

has most of all got to the country leaders - the prime minister - to the minister of that time Tony Blair, military and foreign policy departments. eks - the prime minister have actually accused that he frankly lay both to members of parliament, and the people. In particular, on numerous questions on, whether plans London to dethrone Hussein, Blair`s government it is oath assured that their purpose destruction of weapons of mass destruction, but not change of the Iraq government . The politician denied in general intention to be at war in the Near-Eastern country. The documents including the indications of the high-ranking military men, prove: for overthrow of a management of Iraq the British military steels to prepare in February, 2002, that is long before the actual beginning of operations.

However, despite all preparation, the first days of operations proceeded in a cock-a-hoop which led to monstrous mistakes in maintenance of at war parts. In particular, some divisions had to fly on war on ordinary civil flights where the airport security service has confiscated the weapon from them. Many soldiers threw in fight, having given out to them only on five cartridges. Technics plavilas on heat, and divisions regularly by noon remained without a radio communication as portable radio sets have not been calculated on such high temperatures. It seems that English military men tyloviki have mixed Norway with Iraq, differently it is difficult to explain, for what to the British contingent which was baked in desert, have delivered also skis.

Military commanders who have passed through all hell of the first stage of war in Iraq, do not mince words, making comments on actions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence.

all statements of official London for existing deliberate plans of restoration of peace life in Iraq are Totally carried. Forces of a coalition have been badly prepared and not equipped for the decision of those problems which have arisen in first hundred days of campaign which as it has then appeared, were the most important and solving stage. We have missed gold chance to win heart of the people of Iraq - it is marked in the document. One general directly says that for the post-war period at Great Britain there was no thought over strategy . And the plans of post-war restoration of Iraq sounded by earlier official London are named useless and hopelessly optimistical .

Officers of its Majesty complained of haughty and boorish behaviour of Americans, naming the last Martians . Despite our so-called special relations to us concerned not better, than Portugueses, - indications of colonel Tannera are quoted. - to Speak with Americans was all the same what to try to adjust dialogue with Martians. I have understood that I the European, instead of the American. It was easier to us to agree with the same Europeans, sometimes even with the same Arabs, than with US military men . The commander of the British contingent the general - major Edrju the Steward fairly admits that has spent a lot of time for the invention of dodges to ignore orders of the American command . Unwillingness of the officer to execute instructions of Americans have resulted, as it is noticed, even to that caused the ambassador of Great Britain in the USA on a carpet in State department, as representative of any Zimbabwe or Sudan . The general - the major the Steward notices that Americans constantly tried to solve all questions in Iraq only by means of force and the weapon.

it is necessary to notice that all this scandal has burst just on the eve of hearings about campaign of London in Iraq. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, without beginning to tell anything in the justification, has declared only that will attentively study all facts and conclusions and in case of need will take measures.

direct speech

Tony Blair , the former Prime minister of Great Britain:

We do not prepare for any military campaign in Iraq . (July, 2002).

Our purpose - disarmament of Iraq, instead of mode change in it . (August, 2002).

As to possibility of use of military ways of the decision of the Iraq problem, we are not at that stage when it is necessary to make the decision on their beginning . (September, 2002).

the Inquiry

Losses of the international coalition in Iraq for October, 2009 have made 4667 persons.

Most of all was lost the American military men - 4349. British have lost 179 soldiers, Italians - 33, Poland - 23, Ukraine - 18. Bulgaria has lost in Iraq 13 persons, Spain - 11, Denmark - 7.