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In the USA occupying a building of university students have surrendered to the authorities

Occupation University of California has ended. After three days of barricades and requirements students have decided to surrender to the authorities.

Their become known for the whole world the siege has not brought expected result. The management of University and the power of California did not begin to fulfil their requirement. The prices for training will be all the same raised, and high school staff is reduced. Besides, the territory of a campus for the immigration authorities on - former will be opened.

All seventy students have surrendered only after the police has put protesting the ultimatum, having threatened with arrest. In spite of the fact that the action has ended peacefully, some students are threatened with criminal and academic punishments. The matter is that from - for office building defeat Kerr - the Hall where students barricaded, work in it will renew not soon. According to pupils, one of observers - the assistant to the professor has appeared the unique victim during the action. It has fallen and was traumatised, when police officers drove away gapers from Kerr - the Hall .

it is curious that last days similar protest actions passed and in other campuses of the Californian university, in particular in Dejvise and Los - Andzhelese. By a weekend policemen have arrested about fifty demonstrators. Pupils any more do not plan in the near future so radical actions. Further tuition fee decrease however intend and to achieve. Students consider that sharp increase of payment will strongly worsen position of pupils which contain itself, working during free time from employment. On the party protesting a number of teachers, concerned themes also act that formation can become inadmissible luxury for a part of young men. I in groups have single mothers and students who should support the parents. How to be to these people in the circumstances? - the professor of political science Mark Sawyer asks a question.

In turn the administration of the Californian university declares that has been compelled to go for deterioration of financial conditions for students and teachers from - for budgetary crisis.