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Almost half of cost of gasoline in Russia is made by taxes

In gasoline cost in the Russian retail market enters 44,1 percent of various taxes. But market price of fuel the exchange auctions finally should define. the price formula the governmental commission will discuss in February. But whether it will be accepted to execution is a big question.

Such accent is done by experts minenergo in the research the Analysis of questions of pricing in home market of oil products .

After Federal antimonopoly service such formula have tried to prove in minenergo. On the instructions of the vice-president of the government Igor Sechina department has prepared the Analysis of questions of pricing in home market of oil products . The document purpose - definition of the fair price for fuel.

However as have informed in a press - service minenergo, the document placed on an official site is only a basis for discussion of all interested parties.

we Will notice that necessity of uniform calculation of the prices for oil products is caused by that many oil industry workers any way establish the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel, disregarding dynamics of growth or falling of the world prices for oil. antimonopolshchiki, we will remind, even have got the whole series of affairs on the largest oil companies, having accused them of overestimate of the prices. Oil industry workers the fault do not recognise and have legal proceedings with FAS. By the way, FAS became the initiator of calculation of the formula of the price for oil products in the end of the last year. There have suggested to count fuel cost as the quotation to the nearest to oil refining factory of world trade centres (for example, Rotterdam, Singapore) a minus the export duty and expenses for transport. After that the sum is translated in roubles, to it transportation cost on Russia, the excise and the VAT " increases; - explained antimonopolshchiki. However the government is definitive with the prices has charged to understand to experts minenergo.

it is curious that in a counterbalance to opponents from FAS officials minenergo pay attention that now in Russia one of the lowest price levels to motor kinds of fuel, if to clear them from any taxes. Lower prices exist only in the countries rigidly regulating cost of fuel, for example, in Iran and Venezuela. And even taking into account taxes gasoline cost in Russia also is low, hold a defence line in minenergo, supporting the position with examples. If average cost of litre of Ai - 92 makes 22,39 roubles 10 roubles of taxes enter into this sum almost: 3,42 roubles of the tax to the added cost, 3,78 roubles of the tax to mining operations and 2,69 roubles of the excise. For diesel fuel taxes make 43,1 percent from the final price: NDPI - 4,25 roubles, the VAT - 2,82 roubles, the excise of 90 copecks, at the price of litre of fuel in 18,5 roubles.

While in the document the basic accents of a design procedure of the prices are designated only. Besides a tax component of the domestic market of oil products, mechanisms of development of exchange trade are offered by oil products. And it is supposed to co-ordinate the starting prices with Federal antimonopoly service for participants of the exchange auctions under the instruction.

In details the price formula it is not disclosed yet. In materials on a ministry site it is noticed that the technique is necessary for considering as a provisional measure of formation of the objective indicator of the prices of home market. In process of growth of volumes of exchange sales of oil products with an exit on level 10 - 15 percent from home market capacity such indicator should become the exchange indicator of the prices.

we Will notice that in Russia while one oil stock exchange - in St.-Petersburg is widely known only. But, under the statement of experts, the volume of the auctions there small - basically is the rests after the conclusion of large long-term contracts. Thus, the stock exchange cannot influence and define market price of oil products in country home market.