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Sergey Ivanov: Paid roads will start to build this year

Our motorists unknown event - possibility waits, without going abroad, to fly with a breeze on a brand new and ultramodern line.

Such pleasure it is guaranteed by paid roads - the first in Russia. About where them will build and how many money drivers should spread for journey, to the correspondent RG - Weeks has told vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov.

Three roubles for kilometre

: Sergey Borisovich who will define, paid or free it should be expensive?

Sergey Ivanov: to avoid the ambiguity, such decision could accept the government. Sites where paid roads, to Russia not too are theoretically possible much. I can navskidku list them: Moscow - Riga, Moscow - Minsk with an exit to Poland, Moscow - St.-Petersburg, Moscow - Rostov, Krasnodar territory. Everything, at me the list on it has ended.

RG: And when them will start to build?

Ivanov: last year we have confirmed the state guarantees to the investor on building of paid roads. It is necessary to accept one more document and we will begin building of a paid highway Moscow - Peter. At once we will deduce from transport blockade the Sheremetyevo airport. With what work now passengers there reach, it well-known. And at the expense of new road from MKAD it will be possible to reach quickly the airport for 5 minutes. Without a uniform traffic light, without a uniform stop and outcomes at once you take off for the Sheremetyevo and further - to Zelenograd and Peter.

Other line will go to detour of Odintsovo and the Minsk highway with its infinite stoppers. I will name even the Western high-speed diameter in Peter. It will go from port, at once passing a city that there waggons did not go. Here the three first project of paid roads which will start to be realised this year.

RG: the payment Scheme have already thought over?

Ivanov: They happen different. More often percent 80 the one who on her goes pays for road. But in our law free using a commercial line is provided preferential and even. In particular, for militia, traffic police, the Ministry of Emergency Measures, first aid .

As to private persons, personally I like a principle more - who uses, that and pays. It is more transparent and is clearer for the consumer.

RG: will cost How many way kilometre?

Ivanov: I Think that fare on each paid road will define the government.

I Can tell that on the first site of a highway Moscow - Peter - from capital to Zelenograd - from drivers will take from 3 to 5 roubles for kilometre. Certainly, many will be dissatisfied with such price. However, if the person wants to go on smart road, without stops, without traffic lights and very quickly, it should have such possibility. Besides the choice of free road is always given.

RG: People can tell: I cry the transport tax. Not only that it raise, so yet do not start up motorists on good roads.

Ivanov: This tax to property, and it goes to the budget of subjects of Federation. To increase it or not, solves local parliament. In any laws it is not told that all collected transport taxes should be started up on a construction of roads. On what the region will solve, for that and will spend money.

From the point of view dorozhnikov, transport workers and my own, it is not absolutely good. It would be desirable, that such means spent a special-purpose designation, including for roads. There is a commission of the president to study possibility and expediency of revival of Road fund, which in 2002 pochil in boze. While it worked, in subjects of the Russian Federation thin - is poor, but built new and supported old roads under specifications. I think, within this year we will be defined with the decision.

RG: And it is impossible to connect the transport tax to a payment for using commercial road?

Ivanov: It is absolutely different things. When you give money for journey on qualitative road, all to copeck goes on the maintenance of this site of road.

RG: And from the transport tax - as a rule, rouble.

Ivanov: We have given the chance to regions not only to raise or lower the transport tax, but also to consider motor transport - that it for the car, how old is she, what engine capacity at it. After all the Russian people, unlike European, unfortunately, like to go on cities on Hammers .

It directly backwardness any. And economy here any - constantly you stir to movement, you will not be parked. We have given the chance to levy the tax from such cars on a maximum. A similar situation with 20 - summer razvaljuhami which in cities have dirtied atmosphere. It is necessary to connect requirements of protection of environment and stimulus to buy the qualitative midget car with the engine of the European ecological standard.

under the transport tax we have provided Ljufty, and region business already as them to use. Not begin to change anything, it anybody words will not tell.

RG: In the such it is trusted hardly.

Ivanov: I am assured that any uniform policy here will not be. Economic strong regions, most likely, will raise the tax. And weak it not begin to do.

There is after all still an idea to change the transport tax additional excises on gasoline. That is to enter it into the fuel price. But it is already federal function. Then we should cancel the transport tax and replace with its fixed excise with certain gradation, for example, on engine capacity of cars. Basically it is fair. If you go, means, pay. If at you the car is more in garage stands idle, expenses small. Such decision too is possible.

To Moscow under the privilege ticket

RG: last year some categories dalnevostochnikov - the youth is more younger 23 years and older persons after 60 - bought air tickets to Moscow at reduced price. This right behind them has remained?

Ivanov: I Want to tell in the beginning why we have made such decision. I many times happened in the Far East and have well remembered fair complaints of the people, which else in 2004 - 2005 spoke: to fly to Beijing it is much easier, than to Moscow. Such country at us that many dalnevostochniki many times happen in China, fly to Indonesia, of Korea do not get out, and to visit capital of the Native land or Petersburg have no possibility.

There was a task in view something to make in this plan. Last year we have begun such program, have opened to it access to all subjects of Far East federal district. As a result the Russian airlines have transported to Moscow, Peter and Sochi some hundreds thousand passengers under the reduced rate - for half of real cost of the ticket.

Proceeding from financial possibilities, and it is 1 billion 300 million roubles, we have chosen a certain category of people - youth till 23 years and pensioners is more senior 60. Have as much as possible simplified procedure of reception privileges by them. You show the passport, you pay money and to you hand over the ticket. This program has fulfilled last year, and we translate it on a constant basis. The special governmental order enters rules of subsidising of such transportations for 2010. The sum increases to 2,5 billion roubles.

RG: New exempts there have not provided?

Ivanov: Categories former. But changes are. First of all time frameworks of a preferential mode extend for two months. Last year it there was a May - September. Now they will coincide with the summer schedule in our aircraft - from April, 1st till October, 31st.

By operating rules, only half of armchairs in the plane can be filled by exempts. Now it is established that if on this route the plane of the Russian manufacture it can accept aboard though hundred percent of passengers - exempts flies. It, by the way, good stimulus to airlines to get our planes. After all the difference in cost of tickets to them is compensated by the state.

And the third innovation. Since this year we have added in this program two cities of the Siberian federal district - polar Norilsk and Republic Tyva capital - Kyzyl.


on erection of a paid highway Moscow - St.-Petersburg has won Competition the French company which has a wide experience of road building and operation. By words vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov, on a commercial highway management, management is very important. It is necessary to understand how there to collect a fare, how to arrange refuellings and service points, how to place traffic signs, how to organise movement and to provide its safety.

- I Admit that we have meaningly formulated for the first time competition conditions so that the global player in this market could win it only, - the vice-president of the government did not hide. - the sample of how it is competent is necessary to us and it is qualitatively necessary to construct roads. That on its example to learn our experts.