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The East scientists will extract tests of water of the Antarctic lake in December of this year

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On Sunday seasonal works 57 - j the Russian Antarctic expedition (RAE) on ice drilling over lake the East, begun have come to the end on January, 2nd, 2012, informs RIA Novosti news agency. It is expected that scientists will extract tests of water of the Antarctic lake which is held down by ice about 20 million years, in December of this year.

Work in a chisel complex of the Russian Antarctic station was carried out by three labour shifts of chisel experts, on eight business hours of each change, it is marked in a press - the message Arctic and Antarctic scientifically - research institute (AANII). Daily average speed prohodki a chisel shell has made 1,75 m a day that practically corresponds to similar value in the end of a season 2010 - 11 years - it is specified in the document. Polar explorers in severe conditions work: even during short summer air temperature at station the East usually hardly exceeds a minus of 30 degrees. In some weeks the winter there will be established, and the temperature will fall more several times, more low a minus of 80 degrees.

In AANII inform that chisel operations have been temporarily suspended on January, 12th for carrying out of necessary technological procedures - measurements of temperature and pressure in a chink, pouring about ton of kerosene and the freon necessary for drilling, and so on. The given liquid mix is used, as at drilling of a glacier it does not freeze, and its density equals to size of density of ice.

Passage of each centimetre of a chink is connected with great difficulties - has told the Internet - to the edition the Science and technologies of Russia the chief of the Antarctic geophysical party Polar sea prospecting expedition (PMGRE) Valery Masolov. the ice Structure all time changes: that it was one suddenly became another. It has appeared, at first there was an atmospheric ice, and has then gone so-called konzheljatsionnyj, that is frozen from below. At it other structure, viscosity, density - the polar explorer speaks. everyone was and still can be - after all same for the first time all occurs - it has summed up.

Drilling in the east is conducted by Russia according to requirements of the Contract on Antarctic, ice continent protecting ecology, and in atmosphere of the international openness. As transfers AANII, on January, 18th the station the East was visited by foreign delegation as a part of representatives of Sweden, France, Austria, Great Britain and Canada. To visitors excursion on chisel, gljatsiologicheskim to laboratories and podsnezhnomu to storehouse of an ice core of a chink " has been organised; - it is told in the institute message.

the Present Antarctic season any more has not done without sensations . The chief a press - services AANII Sergey Lesenkov past Friday has denied the information on loss of the Russian expedition, published by some foreign mass-media. the Russian expedition daily, some times a day transfers meteorological given to employees - Lesenkov in RIA Novosti news agency interview has told. about any extraordinary cases we do not know, such calls did not arrive - he has added. The Russian scientists plan will return to drilling in December, 2012 when the summer will come to Antarctica. It is expected that during the following season they will extract samples passed in a chink svezhezamorozhennoj waters of lake the East.