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The number of victims of tragedy in Haiti can reach a half-million the person

One among ruins, stones and corpses, gaitjantsy with alarm expect news about their future - such bitter phrase begins the reporting from destroyed by Haiti French Figaro .

Experts have already declared that on volumes of destructions and number of victims this earthquake can become one of the most terrible in a world history.

the Western mass-media draw gloomy, but an objective picture of the events occurring in these hours in the poorest country of the Western hemisphere, 30 which percent of inhabitants after earthquake remained without a roof over the head. Observers say that the account of victims of tragedy in 9 - million Haiti can go any more on tens, and on hundred thousand persons. The western journalists write that millions gaitjantsev, and so living for two dollars a day have lost all and at them really there is nothing .

True scales of accident which has comprehended Haiti, it is difficult to present if not to see it own eyes - the Haitian president Ren Preval who by miracle has escaped at accident has told. According to the head of the state who temporarily is going to move for work to the next Dominican republic, to Haiti could be lost from 50 to 70 thousand persons. Haitian senator Juri Latortju has appeared is more pessimistic. He has declared that victims there can be to a half-million a person.

In capital Port - about - Prense are destroyed a palace of the president, tax office, a parliament building under which blockages there is its chairman. All schools, hospitals, university, church lie in ruins almost. The representative of Vatican on island, the archbishop Port - about - Prensa Zhozef Serzh Mo was lost. It was found in the destroyed cathedral by employees of archiepiscopate. A great grief has come and to United Nations family . it is More likely dead, than it is live According to head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France of Bernard Kushner, its friend - head of mission of the United Nations to Haiti, Tunisian Hedi Annabi who at the moment of elements blow carried on at the office negotiations with the Chinese delegation.

From an administrative board and the device of mission of the United Nations on island of 16 persons were lost, 56 are wounded, nearby 150 are considered as missing persons. 38 employees of other international organisations were missing. Russians among them, fortunately, are not present.

Divisions of peacemakers of the United Nations to Haiti as a part of 3 thousand persons have operatively begun salvage operations. But at the first, most solving o`clock they have appeared are strongly complicated from - for absence of heavy machinery for analysis of the failed structures. Observers even more often say that the authorities of the country in due time warned about possibility of tremors, did not allocate money neither for the earthquake prevention, nor for works on strengthening of buildings.

In country capital on - former the chaos reigns: From - for absence of communication local authorities not in forces to provide the organised help to victims, blockages do impossible automobile movement, the acute shortage of the foodstuffs, medicines and potable water is felt. From the destroyed local prison have run away a little especially dangerous criminals. On an attestation of eyewitnesses, Port - about - Prens teems with marauders.

Money resources for Haiti allocate in the meantime both private persons, and the largest organisations: from one million dollars from a family of actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to 100 million dollars - at the expense of means of the World bank. In the near future the Secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon intends to declare global mobilisation of the finance to the aid of Haiti.

The Ministries of Emergency Measures

early in the morning on island Haiti from the airport situated near Moscow Ramensky are sent Yesterday three planes of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. All way to the country destroyed by elements will occupy about sixteen hours.

Planes of the Ministry of Emergency Measures in a zone of destructive earthquake will deliver doctors, rescuers, cynologists and psychologists. Onboard also six search dogs - labradory, golden retrievers and a German shepherd.

Extreme department has sent on the island which has suffered from earthquake the necessary equipment for salvage operations, cross-country vehicles KAMAZ and Rozenbauer UAZ - 3962, aeromobile hospital. Last is calculated on fifty places and is capable to function in an independent mode. If necessary hospital and doctors can be desantirovany in an emergency situation zone, and the first suffered to accept in 40 minutes after a landing.

the Heat +34, absence of water, spending the night lasting many days open-air. All these circumstances have forced a management of the Ministry of Emergency Measures to send in responsible business trip of experts who have already visited similar conditions CHS. They took part time and again in similar operations.

Within January, 14th the departure of the transport plane Silt - 76 which delivers in area of disaster of rescuers with under abnormal condition - the saving equipment, is planned by lighting devices. And also easy helicopter BK - 117 with which help it is planned to spend investigation and to evacuate critically wounded patients from remote district.

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