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The review of German mass-media: Increases of pensions will not be

German mass-media continue to trace a situation in Haiti after destructive earthquake. Berliner tsajtung for example, informs on arrival in this country of the first international kompand rescuers. However till their time, writes the edition, mashtaby accidents are still difficult for estimating. Sources in the Haitian government are afraid that the elements have led to death to 100 thousand persons. Whether

There is a possibility to reduce tax burden of the population? Whether there will be Hristiansko - the democratic union (HDS) is true to conservative belief? What relation of the government to nuclear energy? Whether Germany will enter surtaxes on banks which during crisis paid to the officials of the award? These and other questions are answered long silent with the German chancellor, chairman HDS Angela Merkel in interview to the newspaper Handelsblatt .

Frankfurter rundshau Tells about the large-scale action which was spent by antimonopoly department of Germany. Its employees have appeared suddenly with check in 15 trade enterprises. Suspicions that owners of trading houses co-ordinate among themselves cost prices of the goods became an occasion to such large and sudden operation, according to the source in department.

the Same newspaper has a little afflicted German pensioners. In the come year 20 million older persons do not need to count on increase of pensions. The reason - almost salaries not raising in 2009 by which the size of pensions is guided also. However, this question, writes Frankfurter rundshau definitively it is not solved. All necessary for acceptance of the corresponding decision will be prepared only by March. By the way, the newspaper marks, last year pensions have been raised in the west of the country for 2,4 percent, in the east - for 3,4 percent.