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Russia and Iran prepare large joint projects in oil and gas sphere

Today for evening representatives of Russia and Iran intend to present a road map joint large-scale projects in oil and gas sphere.

Yesterday in Moscow representatives of the power ministries of two countries and the leading domestic companies have started to discuss them.

It is supposed that such cooperation will be calculated for 30 years. Precedents of so scale and ambitious advancement of the Russian oil and gas companies in the Near East till now was not.

But Russia and Iran to which posess 18 percent of world`s reserves of oil and 40 percent of gas, are doomed to cooperation has underlined deputy minister of Energy Sergey Kudryashov. Interaction will have the big international resonance, predicts the deputy minister of oil of Iran Nogrekar Shirazi.

the Basic arrangement on joint advancement of projects in territory of Iran, we will remind, has been reached in the end of the last year during session Russian - the Iranian intergovernmental commission and visit of Russians to Teheran. And yesterday and today in minenergo more subject conversation has taken place. The legal base under cooperation should be developed in the shortest terms - within four weeks, confirms g - n Shirazi.

However, representatives of the parties have preferred not to sound yesterday prospective projects. Experts of working groups, according to Kudryashov, should discuss teamwork in three directions - in sphere of extraction of hydrocarbons, their processing and petrochemistry, and also innovative technologies. However, has let know g - n Shirazi, Russia can become the participant of the civil-engineering design of a gas pipeline the World from Iran to India. Let`s notice that last year in a press it was already informed on exploratory talk about it representatives Russian Gazprom . It is supposed that on a gas pipeline the World of 2,7 thousand kilometres gas from Iran to India and Pakistan will be delivered. On predesigns, capacity of a gas pipeline will make 55 billion cubic metre a year, project cost was estimated in 7 - 8 billion dollars.

As to the total price of joint projects yesterday it also has not been named. But, by words g - on Shirazi, specially under them can be created Russian - the Iranian bank, possibilities of the international institutes are used. Besides, he has stated the offer to use in vzaimoraschetah at realisation of joint projects national currencies of two countries.

Iran, without doubts, has a great interest to attraction foreign, including Russian companies. Within the next five years he intends to increase twice daily gas production and by one sixth - oil, has informed on prospects g - n Shirazi. Thus the Iranian party estimates volume of annual investments into branch in 30 billion dollars. However, what volume in these plans can be a share joint projects with Russia, Shirazi has not specified.

cooperation too is interesting To Russia, domestic experts confirm. Iran - the largest player in oil and gas sphere, speaks the director of Institute of power and the finance Vladimir Feygin. And Russia declared time and again the desire to leave on global level and consequently we should co-operate with other countries. Russia has qualified experts, technologies. At the time of Soviet Union we took this advantage. But in the countries of the OPEC and now the big requirement for such services. At the same time oil extracting last years practically does not grow. And consequently the Russian companies could use the possibilities and experience in Iran, but state support for this purpose is, of course, necessary, the expert believes. Earlier, we will remind, it was already informed that the Russian business expects to get access to the Iranian oil deposits.