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In there was a new heading Ask Irina

Dear readers!

After an exit on December, 10th our special issue the Most important about pensions we have promised, in - the first, to continue conversation on this theme this year. And, in - the second to make its as much as possible concrete. For this purpose we have suggested you to write and call in edition to answer on live questions of concrete people.

Thus, of course, we are going to invite, as before, to pages of our newspaper of the most competent experts minzdravsotsrazvitija, the Pension fund, other departments and the organisations. And to prepare answers to your questions with their help.

Calls and letters go a constant stream till now, means, ours the help to really you is necessary.

Therefore we have decided to expand a circle of discussed themes and this year in weekly release there will be a new heading Ask Irina . It is possible to ask about everything that you excites: pensions, medicines, medical aid, grants, payment of habitation and utilities, in a word, the most topical and essential things.

We will offer themes, you - to send questions. Certainly, ideas for discussion and from you are accepted.

As well as last year, we are going to spend and traditional hot lines : to invite for direct telephone dialogue with you the best experts. But this year we will try. That such meetings passed more often. The first a hot line it is planned for the next Monday, questions on medicines will be answered with deputy head Roszdravnadzora Elena Alekseevna Telnova (the announcement see).

Thanks all who has responded to our offer. Thanks and that who has sent us critical remarks - we will necessarily consider them in our work.

Write. Call. Though should warn fairly that the stream of calls such dense what to phone not always easily.

Yours faithfully,

Irina Nevinnaja,

a political observer

E - a mail: nevin@rg. ru

Phone: (499 257 - 50 - 04 (daily with 11. 00 to 12. 00 Moscow time)

the Address: Truth street, 24, Moscow, 125993.


the Most important about pensions

I have retired in 1990. Any more did not work. At valorizatsii to me have counted an increase starting with 1 percent for each fulfilled year, and 10 percent have not added. Whether it is correct?

Gorovaja Maria Fedorovna , settlement Pokrovsk, the Kaliningrad region.

Worked since 1962 on 1999 - j in the North and on underground works - in mine. Pension has issued in 1993, but continued to work as early as six years. Having received January pension, has understood that when counted valorizatsiju, me have included only 14 years of the experience - time spent on underground works. Why other experience is not considered? How it to check up?

Small horns Alexander Petrovich , settlement Naryshkino, the Oryol region.

I ask to prepare and publish a material about prospects of pension reform concerning military pensioners. About us have forgotten: valorizatsija us has not concerned, and today at many of us pension more low, than at the civil. I ask to tell, how the order and technology of charge of a monetary contentment for long service, extra charges, the bases of cancellation of payments for prodpaek, influences of changes of a labour old-age pension on extra charges to the basic pension of military pensioners " will change;.

With the big respect and gratitude for your newspaper,

Tupitsin Evgenie Jurevich , Moscow.

I, the former military man, nowadays the military pensioner since November, 1977. Then work as we speak, on to the citizen within 18 years - at factory of electronic devices. Since January, 1st, 2007 I receive an insurance part of labour pension. Whether it is subject valorizatsii? In the examples resulted in your newspaper similar to mine is not present. And in other newspapers - not clear different interpretations. Help to understand .

Sidorov Victor Pimenovich , 1927 year of birth, the participant of operations, a city the Eagle.

We will necessarily try to answer these and other questions on pensions, valorizatsii and changes in the pension legislation in one of the nearest numbers - Weeks .


the Tablet under control

Since new year new rules on which the prices for vital and major medicines are formed have come into force.

In - the first, right after New Year`s vacation of Roszdravnadzor has started registration of limiting cost prices of manufacturers of the major medicines. In - the second, the uniform design procedure for all country of limiting trading extra charges which are established for these medicines at regional level has started to operate. Thus, process of formation of retail price becomes as much as possible simple and transparent. Under strict price a cap have got 500 so-called vital and major medical products (ZHNVLS). The list confirmed for 2010, is published yesterday in daily release.

How many medicines will check

Actually the prices will be supervised approximately on the third part of all medicinal production which is available in the Russian drugstores, namely approximately on 5000 medicines. The matter is that in the list of the major it is underlined international nepatentovannoe the medicine name (actually - operating substance). But thus it is a question of all medicinal forms and trade marks, and them 10 times more, than positions in the list.

Experts say that 500 most demanded medicines which have got to the list not only are intended for treatment practically all nozology, but also close the lion`s share of all requirements.

All in territory of our country it is registered about 18 000 medical products (trading names and every possible medicinal forms). Under action of the list from them get an order 5000. Thus, the state promises to fix the prices approximately on third of all chemist`s medicinal production.

Thus other two thirds of medicinal market remain in free To price zone - how many they will cost, on - former manufacturers and sellers, without state intervention will solve.

the prices

Strict measures of price control What for are fixed entered not casually: last year from - for crisis and falling of a rouble exchange rate of the price for medicines have sharply grown. Thus rose in price not only import, but also a domestic production. But when by the summer the rouble was stabilised, and then gradually began to become stronger, in drugstores changed for the better nothing: the prices continued to grow. An excessive demand for the antiinfluenzal means, caused by fear of a pork flu, also has urged on druggists to overestimate of the prices. Then actually political decision on introduction of rigid restrictions on formation of the prices on farmrynke also was accepted. According to the Minister of Health and sotsrazvitija Tatyanas Golikovoj, it there was a necessary measure. The state will actually fix a price level on 500 major preparations till the end of 2010. And will reconsider then their once a year.

As it will be made

Manufacturers and distributors have obliged to register in Roszdravnadzore limiting cost price of each of preparations of list ZHNVLS. Thereby business will actually incur obligations to sell to the wholesale companies of a medicine not more expensively, than will be fixed during registration.

But the price on which the medicine is on sale in a drugstore, depends not only on the manufacturer, but also from the wholesale supplier, and from the retail seller.

Now the maximum size of trading extra charges too is strictly limited both for wholesalers, and for drugstores. Thus, all process of pricing should become absolutely transparent. And occurrence on sale of a medicine from the list of the major at inflated price - easily supervised.

Knowing the registered prices (they will be placed on a site of Roszdravnadzora in an easy approach) and trading extra charges in the region, everyone zhelujushchy can track, what should be a ceiling price of a concrete medicine in its city.

the Hot line

8 - 800 - 200 - 09 - 09

By this phone deputy head Roszdravnadzora Elena Alekseevna Telnova will accept your questions on changes in medicinal maintenance.

Call on Monday, on January, 18th, with 17. 00 to 18. 00 Moscow time.

Calls from all regions of the country are free.

also it is possible to send Questions in advance by fax: (495 257 - 58 - 92 and e-mail: nevin@rg. ru