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Peter Mamonov: Ivan the Terrible too wanted, that it loved

the Film the Tsar Pavel Lungina with success has passed on country screens. And in the first days of new year has been shown and on television.

Peter Mamonov, played Ivan the Terrible role, has told that for it is the most important thing in this film why it is not necessary to put on airs and how to struggle with emptiness in itself.

Russian hallucination

There was time, Mamonov painted teeth with a black paint through one, fought on a scene in strange dance and sang: All the same again I will get drunk! A fur coat - an oak a blues! Troitsk named its main Russian hallucination, the gallant geek and the forgetful drunkard. Bryan Ino has invited Sounds of Mu to England, and in America about them wrote: When they in blow, it, perhaps, the best group in the world . Now Peter Nikolaevich lives in the country, sometimes appears on stage, the film acts in. With journalists does not like to communicate, because vanity is all but sometimes to talk to it nevertheless it turns out.

: Peter Nikolaevich, the film has appeared successful from the commercial point of view...

Peter Mamonov: That money? We after all not for this purpose did cinema. Money not my high, children. At everyone the high, correctly? Earlier I, probably, the champion of Moscow was on this business, in sense on pjanke. Now me often ask: And friends, Petja, at you are? and I usually answer: who has not stopped to drink, all have died. Here Vitjushka Tsoy in a fire chamber threw coal, and I regulated pressure - twisted the handle. And itself mutny - y - yj! Then fell on a sofa, well, work at me was such, for seventy roubles. Then a hang-over... A hang-over in general very pleasant thing if precisely you know that now you will drink. When worked in printing house, we there had the fastest way opohmelitsja. The kick was called. There spirit gave out to workers, and on manufacture was also the automatic machine with aerated water. The recipe: a half-glass of spirit, an aerated water half-glass. And all - yet has not drunk up, and you feel that has already fallen. Here and art should operate - instantly. Instead of so - repeat - ka here this place, I cho - that have not understood . And the Lord gives belief - as a stick on a head. I lived till 46 years, and then time! Kolom sins became. Wanted joking to run life, every day arranged to itself a holiday. It has not turned out, it became empty to me...

Now at me in a small village a small house. There bulbs different. There is also a pink. I will light and think: And where to go, all is . I and the TV have thrown out, watched transmission " earlier; Today or still any. Well, what there at fools happens? Now only films sometimes from disks. And so, I go on a Mercedes In the village, on pedalku I press, behind a bottle with beer rattle. A film French I carry to look. I come - and everything, light is not present. I lie, I am silent. You try so hour in the dark to lie down, to do nothing. It is important. To concentrate, here, under a skin, all itself to collect. With what to lie in the dark? With horror you will understand: boringly with itself. From here this parade of freaks on a box, all this hogwash dog: mountains of corpses and naked bums. Same us try so to entertain, and ourselves on this button press. I am afraid to look the TV, I do not want to run into condemnation.

Have fun, children!

Mamonov: Why in village I live? I am weak, udobopreklonen to a sin. When has got there, has seen this beauty, silence, has decided to remain. It was necessary to winter to one, and here I sit in the evening, I think: all like rather would leave in my life, and to live something it would not be desirable. All kajfy have bothered. Has rested a nose against emptiness. That to soul give - love of children, to the wife, work favourite, and melancholy you will not appease. Emptiness is filled only with God. Belief it is not simple so someone has thought up. I still right at the beginning, so to say, in a zero class, but even to me sometimes such window leaves open. Infrequently, but nevertheless open. You sit and understand that so can always be, if you good luck on - to the present. So with me was, at someone, can, absolutely on - to another. I do not agitate anybody. Because rescue itself and will suffice from you . The belief is very pragmatic thing. We should lean against something. And on what to lean? And more and there is nothing. Here there was such Paskal, he spoke: the Person the non-believer, it here again loses, and there. And the believer - here loses nothing, and there wins . Well, I already learn it, it I already important became. I important do not love. Very important it is impossible to be. To me of 58 years, and I am kidding, have fun. And it is necessary. And that here the young guy, and it already - about! About! - merchendajzer! Serious such, important. I ask it: it that for a word such? In Russian such word is? Is not present? Well then go from here! Have fun, children, it is not necessary to be such important. Be kidding!

Each of us wants, that it loved. And I too. To me here one has told: it is More to us such! yes, it is more... Yes... I have modestly looked down, have wrapped up a cachenez. There was a spring. Has read pair of lines from Pushkin and has left. Well, not to confuse the person. Well, to me too it is pleasant, when me praise. The more to me of years, the I think is more often: And songs - that at me what good . I have collected old songs, which, well, without a floor-mat, well that though as - that... I look, not too it is a lot of, only 15 pieces. Ha - ha! And that ha - ha ? Lived - that as terribly. But always people wanted, that them loved.

RG: Whether the tsar Can count on national love?

Mamonov: Ivan the Terrible too wanted, that it loved. Has collected an army to force the people to love itself. He always wanted to be top. He so wanted, that it loved that forgot to love God. But he tried, could be and kind, doubted how to arrive, and what left... It, as well as we: that below, above. You pray in the morning, and in the evening again the drunk lie. Here and it: repented, promised heads not to cut, and cut... But the protagonist of a film not the tsar, and metropolitan Phillip, it spoke to all: Hi, my pleasure! in this film we would like to make sober people, to remind, as it is necessary... Well here is how the wise spoke: it is necessary to stand before each other as before an ancient icon.

Peter Mamonova`s Strict things

RG: you after all in friendly relations with Lunginym, speak, even in the scenario something changed.

Mamonov: There first there were many cruel scenes, we have talked also some of them from the scenario have deleted. I did not want so much horror, and cinema all - taki terrible it has turned out, I do not love terrible cinema. Lungin - my companion, but it strict. Here acted in film Ivan the Terrible so first the film was called. Lungin, all sweaty sits, thinks. Well, it the director... Searched for the person for a role of the sacred. Kononov well would approach, remember, the chief of Chukotka ? But it already is not present. Lungin speaks: Yankovsky I will call . And I to it: Yes where actor from Lenkoma? It is such scoop . But Lungin has called him. And here Vanka Okhlobystin, it the nonprofessional actor as Yankovsky`s beginnings on a wooden flooring to drag. Such role at it. Yankovsky suffered, was silent. Then approaches to me, look, says that there at me with a back. And in a back at it huge splinters. I - that already a label have had time to paste supposedly a scoop, and it here what actor was! It is impossible to paste labels, it is necessary with people more carefully. We on these shootings have strongly made friends. Surprising it was the person - the most modest, tactful, kind. Now there were we without it.

a question

the Tsar or sacred

RG: Peter Nikolaevich Mamonov of the tsar and the sacred person in " Has played; Island . How to it after that is?

Mamonov: Life as goes? Has woken up, has risen, has drunk coffee, has worked, someone where - that has brought. There - here... Day has passed. Time - week has passed, time - month, and about - a pas - a coffin! Also you lie. And it is a strict thing: four walls, a cover. Here a film Island . I there in such jashchichek laid down... Well, in a coffin. Three times jumped out, could not lie there more than twenty minutes. It became boring to me. Criminal speak: In a coffin of pockets is not present . And it is exact, anything there you will not take. Friendship, compassion? And I was able to feel pity? Love? And I was able to love? Here who such sacred? They take the Gospel, read that there is written, and live so. And it is more than anything also it is not necessary. Same the compass, a card, and this way go and have already passed millions people. Only try. At me badly it turns out. It as on hummocks. Today you above, and tomorrow again in the very bottom lie. But it is necessary to try, children. The Lord is mercy, he will tell: Well, it has not turned out at you. But you tried . Also will admit to itself, and we will come. At least and the last.