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How to beat off winter attacks of rheumatism

Colds - dangerous time for those who has been already subject to rheumatic attacks.

in the Winter when we catch a cold is more often, there are preconditions for a rheumatism aggravation.

However, and it often arises after colds - quinsy, an acute inflammation of the top respiratory ways and a middle ear, a scarlet fever... That is as a result of infection of an organism with a streptococcal infection. As a matter of fact, the rheumatism is an allergic reaction on infitsirovanie a streptococcus. Being protected from pathogenic microorganisms, the immune system starts to make the substances, killing streptococci (that is good), but also destroying cages of a connecting fabric (that is already bad). If these substances it is developed too much in an organism there are inflammation centres, and within a month the person falls ill with sharp rheumatism. Illness beats on joints, heart, kidneys, mentions muscles, a skin, nervous system. And by the time of occurrence of rheumatism the activator - the streptococcus - in an organism can already and disappear.

Risk factors:

organism cooling, long stay in dampness;

age (rheumatism fall ill more often at children`s and youthful age);

genetic predisposition of an organism;

the lowered immunity;

residing at northern widths;

adverse living conditions and works (the rheumatism, like a tuberculosis, is considered social disease).

That is ill?

the Classical form of rheumatism begins usually through two - three weeks after quinsy (or other infection) when the person considers itself already healthy, from substantial increase of temperature, pains in joints, hypostases.

usually large joints Are surprised: knee, talocrural, elbow, is more rare humeral, coxofemoral, etc. They swell up a little, redden, become shining, hot to the touch. In a joint cavity the liquid can be formed. Patients usually plentifully sweat, are compelled to lie motionlessly as any movement causes a severe pain.

But quite often the rheumatism begins as though gradually - with slight increase of temperature, pains in one - two joints, usually knee, their easy swelling. And the disease beginning sometimes to establish in general it is difficult from - for vaguely expressed or is short time articulate pains. Pains have flying character, pass from one joint to another, grasping already and small sustavchiki.

At a long clinical course round a joint there can be rheumatic small knots. They are painless, look like dense, in size with lentil of formations. Sometimes on a skin of the patient happen original vysypanija: faintly - reddish, bent or koltseobraznye stains, narrow strips.

Depending on timeliness and correctness of treatment through more or less long time (from two weeks about several months) temperature becomes normal, pains pass in joints, their function is completely restored.

Than it is dangerous?

the Rheumatism does not cause long-term damage of joints, but is extremely dangerous for warm - vascular system. During an attack, or rheumatic attack the muscle and valves serd tsa (arises revmokardit) are surprised. In process of illness progressing heavy heart diseases develop. Not without reason say that the rheumatism licks joints, but bites heart.

Rheumatism - chronic disease, therefore after the next cold can come an aggravation. Intervals between attacks can be from several months about many years. And repeated attacks of rheumatism proceed, as a rule, much more hard, than primary.

softly expressed form when illness can remain not noticed is very dangerous, and will be shown only subsequently in the form of a rheumatic heart disease.

Distinct signs of defeat of heart - palpitation, a short wind, painful sensations in the field of heart, weakness, fast fatigue.

the Rheumatism can amaze as well the central nervous system. As a result develops small a trochee - involuntary movements, twitchings of muscles of extremities, hypererethism, grimacing.

rheumatic diseases of peripheral nervous system concern nevrity and radiculitises. There are even cases of defeat of vessels of a brain.

How to avoid an illness?

the Basis of preventive maintenance of rheumatism - zakalivanie an organism and immunity increase. It is important and when the person yet was not ill with rheumatism and when already suffers from it.

Children from families in which there were cases of rheumatic diseases, should be under constant supervision of doctors. As well as all patients who often suffer nosoglotochnoj an infection, have a chronic tonsillitis, an antritis or have transferred a sharp streptococcal infection.

If you already were ill rheumatism, it is important to try, that its attacks repeated as seldom as possible, and it is even better - did not arise at all. It can achieve, correctly having organised the life, work, a food (it is necessary to limit consumption of carbohydrates - sugar, a white loaf, a potato, and also table salt, red meat, fat cheeses, liquids), regularly to go in for sports and feasible physical work.

How to treat?

There is no other disease at which so the long confinement to bed, as is necessary at rheumatism. After all during rheumatic process in heart physical activity leads still to the big damages.

it is important, that rheumatism treatment passed only on doctor`s orders.


For centuries of acquaintance to rheumatism the mankind has thought up many ways of struggle against it. But national methods can be used only as auxiliary means, mainly for simplification of pains in joints.

to Dissolve 2 - 3 teaspoons of salt in a water glass. To pound sore points a warm solution (not a hand, and a flannel or sukonkoj).

birch kidneys to draw on spirit or vodka and to rub in area of a sick joint.

to Take 800 g unsalted butter and birch kidneys. In a clay pot to lay their layers on 1,5 sm, before full filling of a pot. Densely to close a cover and to cover with the test. To put for days in a warm place. In a day, slightly having cooled, to wring out through a gauze. In the received oil to add 7 - 8 g camphor, istolchennoj in a powder, and to mix. To store ointment in densely corked bank in a cool place. To rub in a joint in the evening, before a dream, once a day. After that the pounded places to impose with fresh birch leaves, to bandage and not to remove a bandage till the morning.

For a pulverising it is possible to use and tincture of red pepper on spirit, with vegetable oil addition.

Effectively treats rheumatism ointment from horse-chestnut fruits. Grind in a powder horse-chestnut fruits, mix with camphor oil or nutrjanym lard, smear with a thin layer on a slice of bread and put to a sore point. Ointment helps and at a radiculitis.

kills pains fresh sheet of a burdock. Sheet to moisten in cold water, to put to a sore point an underside and to tie up. When the pain will cease, to remove. It is possible to dig in the summer of leaves of a burdock with long shanks, to dry them in a shade. It is enough to soak sheet in warm water in the winter and to put on a sore point.

it is important to know

At children rheumatism proceeds more hard, than at adults.

Rheumatism children till 3 years and adults after 40 extremely seldom are ill.

Immunity to an infection is not developed, and in reply to repeated infitsirovanie repeated attack of rheumatism develops.

to the People who have transferred rheumatism, it is necessary profilakticheski to accept antibiotics (on doctor`s orders!) Before any operation (even tooth) throughout all life to prevent development of heart diseases.

to Cure rheumatism it is possible only in the first years after the disease beginning.