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The governor of the Rostov region Vladimir Chub is awarded by a medal for development of cooperation with Belarus

the Governor of the Rostov region Vladimir Chub awarded by a medal For cooperation . The order about it was signed by the State secretary of Union State Pavel Borodin, having noted the considerable contribution of the head of the Don region to development Russian - the Belarus relations. Rewarding has been dated to 10 - letiju signings of the Contract on Union State creation. The responsible secretary of Parliamentary Meeting of the Union of Belarus and Russia Sergey Strelchenko has arrived to Rostov-on-Don to hand over a medal to the Don governor.

the Agreement on large-scale cooperation, development trading - economic, scientifically - a technical and cultural exchange between the Rostov region and Belarus operates since 2002. In this time goods turnover between two subjects has grown in 3,5 times. In the summer of the past year the delegation from Don led by Vladimir Chubom has arrived to Belarus with official visit. At a meeting of members of delegation with the President of Byelorussia Alexander Lukashenko possibilities of expansion of contacts between two parties, in particular development of industrial cooperation, agricultural machinery delivery were discussed. Following the results of negotiations and meetings on the hospitable Belarus earth the arrangement that one of models of combines of manufacture Rostov " has been reached; a Rostselmash it will be completed with new diesel engines of the Minsk motor factory. Between Rostselmashem and Gomselmashem cooperation by manufacture of bridges and harvesters for combines is already adjusted.

- the Main thing that there is an understanding and desire to solve the arisen questions, - has characterised mutual relations with V.Chub`s republic.

the Rostov region and Belarus are on friendly terms not only the enterprises, but also cities. This year partner relations have been established between Rostov and Gomel, and hardly earlier Taganrog became a twin-city of Pinsk - by the way, the native land of the Don governor.