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Sergey Naryshkin: We watch polls on key questions of our life

the Head of Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Evgenevich Naryshkin in conversation with a member of presidium of Association of lawyers of Russia Michael Jurevichem Barshchevsky has told, how the major prepare and made for the decision country.

Theses from the president

Michael Barshchevsky: Sergey Evgenevich, the Message of the president has been turned per 2010. With peal of bells it has come. Let`s return to technical aspects of this document. I want to find out state secret. Dmitry Medvedev wrote what percent of the text of the Message to Federal Meeting itself or personally rules the hand and what - has simply asserted what to it were written to administrations by experts?

Sergey Naryshkin: Should tell that the president from beginning to end supervised over work on Message preparation, held regular meetings with that small creative collective which was responsible for direct filling of separate blocks of this uneasy document. It approximately the person ten. Behind each of them stood a commission of experts and experts who were helped in turn by executors of a following level. Ten persons is a circle of creators, but each of them executed will of the president, developed the ideas offered it. From the very beginning the president has set semantic directions of the future text and has formulated on them basic theses. And it not only supervised process, agreed or disagreed with offers which were born in creative collective, so-called editorial board, but also directly worked over the text. It was the intense and laborious work which proceeded almost half a year.

Barshchevsky: That is was not such, what this page is written not to them, but it accepts it?

Naryshkin: Certainly, it corrected, he made changes not that that to each page, but also in each paragraph, and in separate phrases.

Barshchevsky: I will ask a technical question. The president constantly urges to introduce new technologies, demands from subordinates of free possession of the computer. And how it corrected texts - the handle, or to it gave a flash card with the text, and it corrected on the computer?

Naryshkin: Both so, and so.

Barshchevsky: it is good. Now under the maintenance. You would allocate what major problems for 2010? The message of the president has sounded, discussion has passed, commissions are given, already, probably, there are any expectations? What today the major also what will have time to take place this year how it seems to you?

Naryshkin: the Message of the president in itself is the main commission. First of all executive power. On the basis of the Message the list of commissions of the president on which basis the governmental list of commissions, in turn, prepares prepares. All it is already made! Answering your question, it is necessary to make a start from the basic theme of the Message which as the core through penetrates this document, it is an appeal to country modernisation in all its components: economic, political, social life. Even development external economic and international contacts passes through a prism of idea of modernisation.

Barshchevsky: But it is impossible to tell that it is a problem of 2010. And whether here it is possible to allocate something, what should be made and finished this year? The message is a vector of development without statement of concrete term of realisation or it is all - taki concrete commissions to the government and further on departments?

Naryshkin: the Message combines also elements of such strategic document or as you have told, a certain vector of development in each of sectors of political and public life. But if we start to read attentively now the Message we will find also accurate concrete commissions which concern 2010, especially regarding modernisation of political system at regional level. I even would tell that the road map there is marked. By the president it is precisely specified, to whom and in what terms to introduce corresponding laws which modernisations of political system concern.

System fight of corruption

Barshchevsky: There is an impression that in last performances both in the Message, and concerning terrorists, and after tragedy in Perm, the president constantly urges to punish guilty as much as possible rigidly. Whether it only will lead to searches switchmen Instead of working out of system decisions for eradication of problems? I will exemplify a question. In Perm heads have departed under the full program. There posnimali all whom it was possible posnimat. But such sensation that a problem as if only in Perm, and in other area will arise a problem only when still any the Lame horse will burn down.

Naryshkin: I am absolute with you agree that a problem system. But the president just was not limited only to punishment of the guilty. It has given commissions first of all to federal and regional enforcement authorities which are directed on gradual, but the inevitable decision of this problem, its eradication as a system error.

Barshchevsky: I had a sensation, God grant, that I was mistaken that the last half a year fight against corruption questions start to fade into the background very quietly.

Naryshkin: It not so. In this direction it is spent again - taki system and consecutive work. We together are councillors on corruption counteraction, we together approved the national plan which, with full responsibility I can declare it, is carried out, and carried out in target dates. With periodicity of times in two months I hold session of presidium of council on which we rigidly and comprehensively trace performance of each point of the National plan of counteraction of corruption. Give together with you we will remember, what has been made in this part in 2009 in development and the basic base law on counteraction of corruption and on performance of the national plan?

Barshchevsky: changes in Criminal and Criminally - remedial codes are made.

Naryshkin: Yes. And still, and it especially should be underlined, the law on examination standard - legal certificates has been passed. You as the qualified lawyer especially well understand that corruption and its roots are concealed in imperfect standard - legal base. It is possible to tell that 90 percent of corruption are written down in laws. At last session of presidium which I spent in November, Yury Jakovlevich Chajka and Alexander Vladimirovich Konovalov reported, what volume of work is already done in 2009. To departments headed by them according to the law on examination it is standard - legal certificates it is entrusted to be engaged in this work: to the State Office of Public Prosecutor regarding the current legislation and other statutory acts, and to the Ministry of Justice regarding projects standard - legal certificates which are in work. Actually it is even more work, because we represent, what volume standard - legal base of modern Russia is generated both on federal, and at regional level. Here still to work and work, but we on it are adjusted. It we have remembered only one law. And let`s remember a package of decrees of the president, them, on - to mine, five which concern declaring of incomes and check of this information. As early as a year - ones and a half back we also could not think of such documents. Now this base is created, and beginning since March - April when to us and our colleagues, the state civil servants, it is necessary to report about the incomes for 2009, this package of documents will start to work.

the Voter is always right

Barshchevsky: About changes in elective system. I will formulate a question so: what, and you have got falsification? If so, why here not posazhat? Whether offered changes too mjagenkimi are? Judging by mass-media, last elections have shown that falsification in many places was simply impudent and boundless, and have instituted criminal proceedings nobody, though the law it allows. Yes, the president has offered changes which very much will complicate falsification further, but have punished nobody for last affairs. And it corrupts.

Naryshkin: It not absolutely so. Such litigations go. Is both criminal cases, and administrative. In courts concrete complaints, in concrete cases are now considered. Our problem, and I think that representatives of judicial authority stand on a similar position, it not to admit distortion of will of voters. Not to admit illegal influence on selective process. The fair, open, free elections are extremely important problem. It is assured, we will achieve such result.

Barshchevsky: Tell, please, that for history with the transport tax? That`s a thing of the past, but nevertheless very interesting. Why the administration suddenly so has sharply interfered with process of adoption of this law? I will remind a situation. The Duma in three readings has passed the law, in the street hardly - hardly begins buza, the administration sharply interferes, the Federation Council rejects, the conciliatory commission is created, and the law have buried. Why administration reaction has appeared such rigid and resolute?

Naryshkin: Not only administration, but also members of parliament have felt a question sharpness. Really, in a society, in regions, in professional community among motorists there was very much a fierce dispute. I in administration have collected meeting in which colleagues from the government, from the Duma, from the Federation Council participated. The decision was joint, and I have sounded it next day.

Barshchevsky: it has made very positive impression Upon me. Because such sensation is sometimes created that the population lives in itself, and the power operates in itself. Yes, start up in interests of the population, but with feedback not all is safe. Elections, unfortunately, from my point of view, do not carry recently character of a litmus piece of paper of feedback. And here there was a feedback. Thereupon such question: you have any service, which monitorit public opinion?

Naryshkin: All of us regularly read the press, for this purpose it is not necessary to have special service. Though the special service is - a press - service which prepares digests. The same digests are prepared by a press - government service. Besides, we watch polls which are constantly spent on key, to burning questions of our life.

Barshchevsky: whether It is possible to tell in other words, what in any measure the street influences decisions made here?

Naryshkin: it is unconditional. Any power should consider opinion of the fellow citizens - simple people. Is ready to accept partially your question as reproach. Certainly, the negative mood of different categories was necessary, the organisations, professional communities to feel slightly earlier than when this bill has been accepted already in the third reading.

Barshchevsky: As you have a rest, restore forces? At you any personal technique?

Naryshkin: I almost float every morning. Little by little, on three hundred metres, but it is regular. It occupies minutes ten. Pleasantly (also it is useful) to plunge into cool water in the morning. Unlike air water has high teploobmennuju ability, therefore even if it of 25 degrees, heat exchange occurs very sharply. And it forces blood to run very quickly. I consider, ten minutes it is enough for me. As I like to be 15 minutes to nine already on work, to start to press buttons, to lift tubes, to check, ask.

Barshchevsky: you have anticipated my last question - in how many come for work. And in how many usually leave?

Naryshkin: Average time about ten o`clock in the evening. Loading big but so all public authorities, all administrative board work. I here am not any exception.

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