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Five employees of the newspaper " became winners of the award of the government; the Soviet Siberia

With one of winners of the award - the assistant to the editor-in-chief, an observer concerning interaction of the power and a society of the regional newspaper the Soviet Siberia Svetlana Pahomenko has had a talk the correspondent.

: Svetlana Borisovna, you - that expected a recognition at such level?

Svetlana Pahomenko: If it is fair, that among a large quantity of printing mass-media will notice was a little believed, and especially recognise as winners, authors of one of regional newspapers. All journalists, which nominees the newspaper the Soviet Siberia has put forward on competition of the award of the government, actively worked on the themes connected with Year of a family. I will remind, it was 2008. Our newspaper has acted as the initiator of two actions devoted to a family, and journalists have united the efforts in work on a series of materials: the Beginning of the beginnings the Family farm the House is a love . All our materials have been aimed at that well-being of a family was a criterion of success both the separate person, and societies as a whole. Heroes of our articles of a steel of a family from fifteen areas of area, and we could tell all about life more than hundred not ordinary families of the Novosibirsk region.

RG: And what family to you was most of all remembered?

Pahomenko: the family of Kusainovyh lives In Ust - Tarsky area surprising, in my opinion. It is present internatsional where the kernel is made by Kazakhs, but for some generations in it there were as sons-in-law, daughters-in-law and Russian, both Tatars, and Germans. Grandmothers, grandfathers, fathers, mums, children, grandsons, great-grandsons - all together, as one big beehive in which everyone has a business. And all smile - to visitors, each other, to friends, are glad to each day. Here wisdom of seniors, respect younger to adults is felt, here piously store traditions.

RG: Today when the Internet actively enters into our life, discussions about are very often conducted, whether there is a future at printing editions?

Pahomenko: We go on areas much and we see that the Internet has still nearby left for limits of city line. In some settlements computers can be met unless in the Village Soviet or school, and there, as they say, you are not run behind news. And the newspaper can to write out, take be esteemed in rural library. For many families to write out and read the newspaper - long-term tradition which hardly will kill or will replace technical progress.