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In the Perm square of the Ural Volunteers, under a signboard the Lame horse the mountain has again grown from natural flowers

155 scarlet carnations and candles - on number of victims in a fire in the Lame horse - have distributed to people on mourning procession on the way to notorious club. In all temples of the Perm diocese have passed requiems about rest of souls of victims.

People have come pochtit memory of victims for the fortieth day of tragedy. In the Perm square of the Ural Volunteers, under a signboard the Lame horse the mountain has again grown from natural flowers.

the People who have come to club this day of memory, shared with each other news from hospitals of Moscow, Petersburg and Chelyabinsk where till now are on treatment 54 permjaka, victims in club. Relatives of those who literally has died one of these days in capital clinics come, bring their portraits, put wreaths from colours, light a candle number - such svezheotpechatannyh photos in the snow, sinking in carnations, with smiling young faces, has much appeared on 40 - day date of tragedy. The list of victims the Lame horse unfortunately, continues to replenish and for today has reached 155 persons. 29 victims are written out from hospitals.

- Our acquaintance have written out from the Moscow hospital, have brought home, - tells Evgenie. - but it is, cannot drink - so the gullet is strongly burnt. On all life remained the invalid!

However moods gathered - mostly acquaintances, colleagues and simply not indifferent people to terrible Perm tragedy - strikingly differed that dominated for the ninth day of a fire. Then people shouted in air terrible questions: Why have not rescued?! Why have admitted?! . Questions remained rhetorical, though and then, and now, in memorials, to club there came also the governor of edge Oleg Chirkunov, and the mayor of Perm Igor Shubin. They silently assigned carnations and there and then disappeared with own retinue. For the fortieth day among crowd at the Lame horse already nobody set such questions.

the List of victims the Lame horse unfortunately, continues to replenish and for today has reached 155 persons

Compassion and sympathy permjakov has also a material embodiment: on the settlement account of the Perm regional fund of social support of the population for rendering assistance to relatives, children of victims and victims has arrived without small 20 million roubles. Specially created board of guardians which structure will include relatives of victims and victims on a fire, representatives of enforcement authorities, public organisations will be engaged in distribution of these means. Relatives of 123 victims on a fire have obtained compensation of 400 thousand roubles from federal and 100 thousand roubles - from the regional budget. The total sum of payments has made more than 88 million roubles.

22 relatives of victims have addressed For the help in the decision of questions with bank credits to the authorities and victims, from them on two question is solved completely - debts are restructured, and assistance in reception of insurance payment for credit repayment is rendered one. With other addressed work proceeds. The edge government carries on now negotiations with 17 banks.

Over nine children who after a fire remained on December, 5th orphans, guardianship of close relatives is issued.

Investigation of the criminal cases raised after tragedy, proceeds in the meantime. On the eve of New year the Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation has made decision to translate the main figurants of business - the proprietor of club Anatoly Zak and the main state inspector of the Perm edge on Vladimir Muhutdinova`s fire supervision - in a pre-trial detention centre Sailor`s Tishin in Moscow. Except them remain under arrest the chief executive of club Svetlana Efremova and art - the director of club Oleg Fetkulov.

Tragedy in the Lame horse has opened the whole layer of infringements and the abusings admitted by officials of different level. As told, right after a fire the governor of the Perm edge Oleg Chirkunov has suggested members of the government to continue work in the status fulfilling duties. And the minister of development of trade and edge Marat Bimatov business, the minister of town-planning Alexander Kudryavtsev and the minister of public safety of the Perm edge Igor Orlov are temporarily discharged of the posts before end of office investigation of causes of the fire. When necessary conclusions will be drawn, the personal structure of the government of region can undergo essential changes.

Also it is temporarily discharged of a post and city - manager Arcady Katz. By the next Monday, on December, 18th, deputies of the Perm municipal duma will prepare necessary materials on a state of affairs in the field of fire safety, to rendering of the first medical aid and reconstruction and reorganisation of buildings and premises. Depending on the made conclusions deputies will make the decision on a measure of responsibility of Katz for happened and its further destiny.

In the meantime

In Kuzbas the bill of compensation of the damage caused to life, health and property of citizens prepares at carrying out cultural - mass actions.

the Legislative initiative consists in the following: it is necessary to use the mechanism of insurance of a civil liability of owners of objects where are spent cultural - mass actions. It, perhaps, most natural mechanism of influence on careless proprietors of entertaining institutions. What insurer takes on service the object which is not answering to norms of fire-prevention and other safety? After all happen that - somebody will pay consequences not, and the insurance company. Therefore it is possible not to doubt, as to accept object, and to check together with supervising bodies as in it requirements and norms of safety are observed, insurers will be quite seriously.

Today the raised risks with which collective amusements and shows, alas, are quite often fraught, as a rule, lay down on state shoulders. And the originators who have been not burdened by the decision of problems, connected with indemnification of a damage the victim, leave at times dry of... Fire.