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Free privatisation of habitation will add new term

Tomorrow the State Duma will consider a package of the bills providing the next prolongation of free privatisation of habitation.

By operating rules term of free registration of habitation in the property expires on March, 1st. Thus many regions already now stop to accept documents as do not cope with flow of interested persons.

Now at those who delayed privatisation, and it is 15 - 18 percent of Russians, there can be one more chance. There are all bases to believe that deputies will approve at least one of documents, having accepted it at once in three readings.

All last year there was a rough discussion about that, it is necessary or not to prolong privatisation. We will tell directly: the iron argument supported with economic calculations, it was not possible to hear on neither side. The destiny of privatisation at any outcome of voting of deputies is a political decision. And for today the point of view, seemingly, wins that the privatisation lasting already the nineteenth year, it is impossible to turn off.

In due time it already prolonged, and time and again. In the property in this time, by different estimations, has passed 80 - 85 percent of habitation. Thus an order of 20 million persons for various reasons and have not exercised the right free of charge to issue in the property the state habitation.

Meanwhile separate experts insist: any decision - in favour of prolongation of terms of privatisation or against - will lead to that this or that part of the population will appear restrained in the rights.

So, arguments of opponents of infinite privatisation are based that privatisation prolongation disturbs to formation of fund of the social habitation given to needy citizens.

the Municipal habitation will not be under construction, while there will be a possibility it to privatise. Only with the end of privatisation municipalities will lose possibility to shirk building of cheap habitation for social hiring, - the chairman of the Duma Committee on the property Victor Pleskachevsky is assured. - Today under the pretext of the municipal order in cities the commercial habitation is under construction as a matter of fact. That is municipalities actively earn on sale of square metres at market cost. Certainly, in such situation it is more favourable to municipalities to lobby privatisation prolongation .

Thus the old opponent of infinite privatisation the head of Committee of the State Duma of the civil, criminal, arbitration and remedial legislation, the author of the Housing code Pavel Krasheninnikov notices that the main reason on which today are compelled to agree with term carrying over, that the considerable part of citizens still has not issued habitation in the property.

And especially the critical situation has developed in big cities where slowness of citizens and unavailability of local authorities have again led to peak loadings in the end of privatisation term - the deputy underlines, having noticed that it the set of references of Russians speaks to prolong terms of privatisation of habitation.

Among them - veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and also military men. Among interested in privatisation prolongation - persons included in a waiting list, tenants of hostels, the people living in habitation under a pulling down.

the Reef of prolongation of privatisation, and all last months too say about it, that turn from interested persons to privatise habitation as a matter of fact is infinite, how many delay the privatisation end. Legislators should to play in this situation I will prolong - I will not prolong and at last to be defined: or to do privatisation, no less than rasprivatizatsiju, termless, or to establish restrictive frameworks for interested persons to privatise apartment. For example, to include in lists on privatisation only those who will declare this desire within current year. In due time the committee-man of the State Duma on building and ground relations Galina Hovansky suggested to exclude from privatizatorov needy citizens on the ground that these people can be not able to bear burden of the proprietor. A problem that in Russia rates under the tax to real estate for physical persons till now are not legalised. Under the concept minekonomrazvitija only in 2012 there will be an understanding of how this tax will be raised and whether there will be thus a difference between the people having habitation on hiring or in the property. Plus on shoulders of the proprietor lays down responsibility and on major repairs carrying out in the house. For the present capital repairs in many houses are spent for the state account. That is, as a matter of fact, Russians have till now no concept, in what sum as a result it the maintenance of own dwelling will particularly manage.

From - for that that privatisation does not stop, braked housing and communal services reform, - Victor Pleskachevsky insists. - we Take a new building. In it have bought apartments men of means who presume to pay to itself the concierge, the modern lift. In the same house there were people who have received apartments through municipality, and they do not have possibility not only the concierge to contain, but even to pay ladder cleaning. There is a discrepancy - the municipality appears in copartners of proprietors of habitation that in many respects blocks activity of the last. Thus, transition process to more - to less market relations when proprietors of the house solve is braked with what and on what sum to do repair at an entrance or how often to wash ladders .

According to the deputy, this time citizens should define definitively, they want to use privatisation or not. Theoretically the municipality should have the right to sell own habitation at auction that the new proprietor of apartment became high-grade member TSZH. The former tenant in this case will move to other house where will receive apartment on the right of social hiring. And will be, as soon as privatisation and local authorities will end will start to build up the municipal available housing of social appointment - Victor Pleskachevsky speaks.

As a matter of fact, in this situation citizens appear before a rigid choice: or to become the proprietor in the near future, or to move in other habitation.

the Share of an intrigue which on - former remains: privatisation will be prolonged for what term? From the beginning of summer in the State Duma has arrived an order of seven bills, offering to prolong habitation privatisation, and for five years, and for nine months. While experts unanimously agree in opinion that most probable following date H For the privatisation end becomes on March, 1st, 2013. This bill became last of the deputies brought by group - United Russia party members just on the eve of New Year`s holidays. This date, according to analysts, is closest to following elections in the parliament lower chamber. That is all further unpopular decisions at the population about privatisation end, and it will end sooner or later, there are no doubts, deputies of other convocation will already accept.

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