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The order of the Government of the Russian Federation from December, 29th, 2009 N 2092 - r Moscow

1. According to subparagraph 12 of a part of 1 article 24 of the Federal law About the federal budget for 2010 and for the planned period 2011 and 2012 to the Ministry of Finance of Russia to direct in 2010 budgetary assignments at a rate of 5327 million the roubles, provided on subsection Obshcheekonomichesky questions section National economy classifications of expenses of budgets on actions for realisation of the projects approved by the Commission at the President of the Russian Federation on modernisation and technological development of economy of Russia, according to the appendix.

2. To the federal enforcement authorities specified in the appendix to the present order, and also the State corporation on atomic energy Rosatom To bring in a month when due hereunder in the Government of the Russian Federation projects of the standard legal certificates necessary for realisation of the present order.

3. The present order comes into force since January, 1st, 2010

the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation