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Chekhov`s patrimonial nest the state took under the guardianship

In article Nasty live, misters from January, 27th edition has lifted a problem of preservation of a unique complex - a patrimonial nest of the great writer and playwright Anton Pavlovicha Chekhov. In a material the question - why the unique house which managed to be constructed to Chekhov`s father has been asked, is in oblivion.

Today we have received news - to 150 - Anton Pavlovicha Taganrogu the magnificent gift is given summer anniversary. Administration of the Rostov region together with municipality of a city of Taganrog have decided to expand existing memorial estate and to attach to it Pavel Egorovicha Chekhov`s house. Attempts to make a patrimonial nest of the writer were undertaken by a museum with certain periodicity throughout 80 years, but came to an end unsuccessfully. The building is in a private property, and it was impossible to settle people.

the Turning-point in destiny of the Chekhovian house has occurred right now, at the time of which abuse all who feel like it for commercialism and inspirituality. Present tenants of the house - Lyudmila Kononovoj`s family have told about it.

- To us there have on a visit arrived the minister of culture of the Rostov region Svetlana Vasileva and the mayor of our city Nikolay Fedjanin, - Lyudmila Kononova tells. - They have suggested to redeem the house to make in it a museum. For us it was absolute unexpectedness, after all the problem is so much years did not move a little, a maximum, on what we could count - to the aid under repair. We lived in the house as in a museum, accepted here both very known, and simple people who came to bow to Chekhov. We considered it as the fate, but realised that to the Chekhovian house all - taki has not carried, such richest cultural heritage should be under state protection. Has paid attention to this problem, and here result - shortly our rooms will be filled with furniture of times of Chekhov, the expositions devoted to the writer here will open, and we with pleasure will visit the former house.

- By an anniversary of Chekhov we have finished reconstruction of all memorable places connected with stay of the writer on our earth, - the mayor of Taganrog Nikolay Fedjanin has explained. - City visitors can be convinced that it is made with the big love. Now the question on increase in quantity of the cultural objects which are of interest for stories is considered. It is a question first of all of Chekhov`s patrimonial nest. The idea consists in transferring it in the municipal or regional property. Two families now live in Pavel Egorovicha`s house, we have already talked over with them and have suggested to redeem a building. For a city it becomes the most valuable acquisition.

- to Tell that our employees dreamt of attaching to already existing museum complex the house of father Chekhov, means nothing to tell, - has added the director literary istoriko - Evgenie Konoplyov`s architectural memorial estate.