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Every fifth autofailure in Russia occurs from - for counterfeit details

Before the Newest year in Russia there were two events which at first sight have been not connected with each other. In Saratov the court has pronounced a sentence   to the general director of firm Saratovpromkomplekt to Vladimir Ivanov and its subordinate   to Victor Ezdakovu.

And in St.-Petersburg the local customs has detained the waggon which has arrived from one Baltic republic with cargo of ball-bearings for the sum of hundred thousand of dollars.
both these events are connected by one: counterfeit bearings appear in both cases.    
Flying coffins
Business of the Saratov businessmen has thundered all over the country after local security officers have found out that they delivered counterfeit   spare parts on planes. Basically it there were bearings for the chassis, elevators and podkrylkov. They have been established not only on   civil planes, but also military men, in particular the strategic bombers which are based in the city of Engels.  
under the information   the state accuser of the Saratov regional Office of Public Prosecutor Andrey Suhoruchkina, counterfeit spare parts   swindlers have put on some planes THEY be 134 and An - 124 were at that time on repair in Rostov.

- Only thanks to field investigators of FSB it was possible to learn about mortally dangerous frauds of the Saratov speculators.   Some planes on which fakes have been established, even had time to do some flying. It is simple a miracle that there was no accident, - Suhoruchkin has declared.
  According to the investigation, kontrafakt   it was bought up at the price of scrap metal, and was on sale   as normal spare parts, but with counterfeit passports.   spare parts - werewolves have found   even by planes of presidential airline Russia .   Many experts consider that   to seven percent of details in the Russian planes -   a fake.      

Ivanov and Ezdakova   have sentenced conditionally to four   and to three years of imprisonment   accordingly   with a trial period two years.  
Stuff for cars
Even more depressing picture develops with deliveries kontrafakta in motor industry. In Association of manufacturers of bearings of Russia to the correspondent have declared that under their data the share of counterfeit bearings in the domestic secondary market makes not less than 15 percent. According to traffic police, the fifth part of all road accidents happens from - for technical malfunctions with cars on which the left details have been found out.

the Core   the manufacturer of this dangerous   production, consider in domestic law enforcement bodies, China is. And, forge there most of all the Russian marks of bearings.            

One of the high-ranking employees   Special services on the condition of anonymity, has told to the correspondent that it was possible to reveal not only cities in the Peoples Republic of China where make kontrafakt, but also routes of its transfer to Russia.  

- Cities where counterfeit bearings are made, for the clear reasons, I will not name. Often enough factory which has received the order from Russia,   distributes it on the local small enterprises. And those drive bearings, almost from armature. The case when the customs has withdrawn some containers with   is known; bearings,   in which instead of kalenyh needles there were barbed wire pieces.

Kotrafakt   then   it is forwarded to one of Baltic republics. All documentation and packing there changes. And to Russia false bearings arrive already as made in Slovenia, - has twisted our source.

At the desire of special services, Russian Trading - the industrial chamber has made inquiry to the colleagues in Slovenia. Therefrom the answer has come that the local industry at all does not make bearings.  

six containers with scarce bearings Not so long ago have been detained. All -   kontrafakt. A route of fakes: China, Blagoveshchensk, Yaroslavl. All this production which is not corresponding   to elementary requirements of quality, intended for sale in the south and in the north of Russia.  

  In the Russian market there were also the forgeries ostensibly made     one known French   the company - roller conic bearings of mark SBR. They are used in   cars VAZ and GAS . Mark of fakes,   according to Frenchmen, it is conformable to their brand and misleads consumers.   firm   already   have officially declared that has no relation to these bearings and that they in general in France are not made.

Chinese spetsy have adjusted manufactures and known Japanese and DM of bearings. In Heavenly Empire according to competent bodies of the USA,   three marks American   are forged, at least; bearings.  
the market of fakes
Recently manufacture of counterfeit production has got really industrial scales. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, annually to Russia it is delivered   the counterfeit spare parts, which their most part - bearings,   approximately on three billion dollars.

In some Russian cities, on car markets to third, and even to half of on sale autospare parts - counterfeit. Basically it is cranked camshafts and sliding bearings.   not so long ago field investigators Moscow UBEPa have found out,   that under mark   The legal Russian manufacturer     in the country, besides from Heavenly Empire large parties vyzhimnyh bearings on domestic   are delivered; trucks. By results of examination, these pieces of iron have appeared so poor quality that their use could lead to serious failures: bearings could be scattered at any moment. And if it occurs on a line, for example, during overtaking, failure not to avoid.  
geography kontrafakta
Not only in China   sin with fakes. In the next Ukraine   in the city of Volnjanske of the Zaporozhye area, the militia has covered the whole shop on manufacture of illegal autospare parts, including scarce bearings. Under the expert opinion, counterfeit accessories   were dangerous at installation on cars.   And if guarantee period the Russian manufacturers   on some products give from one and a half years to five and 70 thousand   run kilometres, counterfeit bearings - bombs collapsed already after 2 - 3 thousand. And metal   the balls made from   a low-grade steel, turned in pancakes .

Recently there were counterfeit spare parts for the Zhiguli from Turkey.      
personal Quality Department
Unfortunately, in Russia there is no uniform accurate system of licensing and certification   production arriving from - for a boundary, is not present the uniform quality standards. If such system was, fakes would be eliminated already   at customs.      
  Certainly, without specialised expert examination difficultly   to establish - a fake before you or not. However, according to experts, exist   simple ways for the consumer to distinguish a low-standard fake from the qualitative bearing.  

In - the first, on packing and on the bearing the country - the manufacturer is not specified. Or it is written that the mark is registered in any country   or is issued under the licence.

In - the second, bad   packing: a cardboard box or   a protective film of disgusting quality, or completely are absent. And you feel a sharp, unpleasant smell of cheap greasing.

Experts advise   to take the bearing in hands and to try to twist it. If it rustles and zaedaet, the simple driver will understand that will occur at the big speeds of rotation.
  Check up also axial ljuft, taking fingers an internal ring and trying to displace it concerning an external ring along an axis of rotation of the bearing. If ljuft big the bearing at rotation will have the big palpation and can quickly fail.
estimate also quality of hardness of a steel:   try to spend a file on a bearing holder. If there is an appreciable trace or metal climbs down as a shaving the steel soft and at bearing rotation will quickly wear out.