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Koria Tajms : South Korea begins creation of own fighter and the fighting helicopter

the Government of South Korea has definitively confirmed the plan for development of national aerospace branch in which frameworks creation of own fighter and the new fighting helicopter is provided also. The South Korean English-speaking newspaper has informed on it referring to the representative of the Ministry of Defence of the country Koria Tajms .

According to the edition, full-scale works on designing of new models will begin since 2011, however within this year defensive department should make the detailed estimate of projects and confirm it in country parliament. It is necessary to notice that in South Korea long time there were disputes, whether it is necessary to the country to put the big means in creation of expensive samples of arms or to rely on foreign suppliers. Eventually, the point of view of supporters of development of national defensive branch has prevailed, but at the same time with active assistance from foreign firms.

the Project of creation of a new fighter of South Korea has received code name KF - X. Koreans assure that the plane will be equipped by the best radar and to have excellent flight characteristics. Preliminary works on proektirovke will be spent in 2011 and 2012, on what are going to spend 4,4 billion (about 4,1 million dollars). Other works are estimated in 5 trillion (about 4,7 billion dollars). On their end term till 2021 is taken away.

Under the characteristics KF - X as experts speak, it will be similar with F - 16. Earlier, we will note, more ambitious purpose was put: to be less appreciable on screens of a radar, than planes Rafale Eurofighter, but not such invisible beings as F - 35.

Anyway Koreans recognise that without the foreign help to them not to manage. 60 percent of expenses of project KF - X South Korea incurs, and other part is ready to share with foreigners. Among the basic possible partners of the project following world manufacturers are called: Boeing and Eurofighter. If the first company promises to transfer to Koreans of technology of plane F/ A - Super Hornet the second suggests Seoul to join program Eurofighter Typhoon.

the Project of creation of the Korean fighting helicopter has received the name - Caen that is reduction from Korea Attack Helicopter. In local defensive department have explained that the car will have crew in 6 - 8 persons and to weigh about five tons, that is belongs to the class of easy fighting helicopters. Expenses on designing will make, predictably, 23,2 billion (about 21 million dollars), and creation of the ready sample - about 600 billion (about 570 million dollars). On time all should take no more than seven years.

Truth while is absent till now clearness concerning the one who becomes the basic founder. The largest South Korean airline Korean Air and corporation Korea Airspace Industries applies for this role. As experts while chances at the first company as its competitor could not execute the state project on creation of the average fighting helicopter any more more preferably look mark.

As well as in a case with the Korean new fighter, and at project realisation Caen will not do without foreigners. The main applicants for this role the world famous companies in this sphere: AgustaWestland, Eurocopter, Sikorsky Aircraft and Boeing. In total within the limits of the project South Korea intends to make Caen not less than 270 cars. Besides it defensive department is going to buy and 36 heavy fighting helicopters abroad.

As marks Koria Tajms The project Caen, and also acquisition of foreign cars are aimed at gradual replacement of park of fighting helicopters of the South Korean Air Forces - models 500 MD TOW and AH - 1S. Service life of half of devices 500 MD TOW by 2013 will make 30 years whereas models AH - 1S fly not less than 16 years.