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Russian Ekaterina Makarova has made the way in ending Australian Open

All our tennis players and tennis-players have already left Green continent. There was one - Ekaterina Makarova.

So final game day of the tournament first in a season the Grand Slam all - taki will not do without the Russian participation. On Sunday on the central court Melbourn - park - arena of a name of Roda Lejvera - leaves our tennis-player Ekaterina Makarova. In the tournament ending mikstov the Muscovite, having united with a Czech Yaroslav Levinski, will battle to pair, posejannoj at this competition at the first number, - the Penalty Blek (Zimbabwe) and Leander Paes (India).

On Friday Russian - the Czech duet has overcome Italian - the Brazilian combination consisting from Flavii Penetty (Italy) and Martselo Swept (Brazil) - 6:0, 4:6, 1:0 (10:8). I will explain that in the pair category instead of a solving set it is played so-called champion thaw - a break - to ten victorious points.

I Will remind that in to the single Katya has conceded in the second circle - Italian Sare Errani with the account 2:6, 3:6. But basically 21 - the summer tennis-player working under the direction of the trainer Evgenii Manjukovoj, considerably progresses. In 2009 it reached the endings of tournaments WTA twice. Katya has a title in the pair category (together with Alisoj Klejbanovoj). As to a rating, in the single category of Makarova on 59 - an ohm a place, in pair - on 20 - an ohm.

By the way, quite probably that next week Ekaterina will act again together with Alisoj. The matter is that both that, and another are declared by our captain Shamil Tarpischev on participation in a match of the Federation Cup against modular Serbia. As a part of Anastas Pavljuchenkova and Vera Dushevina Russian team. I will notice that Tarpishchev now to strengthen our collective, also carries on negotiations with Svetlana Kuznetsovoj.

the Meeting will pass in Belgrad 6 - on February, 7th, and such well-known tennis-players, as Elena Jankovich and Ana Ivanovich will be mistresses of court, in particular.

But while Katya Makarovoj should prepare for the Australian ending. On Sunday, right after a match, it is necessary to it difficult, with changes, flight from Melbourn to Belgrad - from hot summer in capital of Serbia, where now it is snowing. Time for acclimatisation before a command duel will be very little.