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Authorities of the capital promise to Muscovites on the Pancake week bronze pancakes and an ice stuffed animal

Bronze pancakes, an ice stuffed animal of the Pancake week, a free entertainment and carnival procession - here than the Pancake week of 2010 will be remembered to Muscovites. On it has informed yesterday on a press - conferences the chairman of committee on tourism of Moscow Grigory Antjufeev.

- the Holiday the Wide Pancake week is brought in the international directories of cultural events, - he has told. - in Moscow it will be officially marked in the tenth time.

the Holiday will capture all capital - is provided to develop more than two hundreds platforms. Vasilevsky descent becomes the central place of its carrying out by tradition. The holiday starts here on February, 8th in 17. 00, and will come to the end on February, 14th in 22. 00.

All these days on Vasilevsky descent of visitors wait free pancakes and tea, and also concerts of national and variety collectives. Besides it will be possible to learn to embroider, mould pots, to forge, in a word, to test in national crafts, and also to play ancient Russian games.

According to Antjufeeva, all the days long maslenichnoj weeks are sated by interesting programs. For example, at walls of the Moscow Kremlin on February, 11th, on Thursday, it will be celebrated not only the middle maslenichnoj weeks but also Day of the teacher. Antjufeev has reminded that the decree of the president of Russia this year is declared by Year of the teacher, therefore one day will be entirely devoted teachers and their pupils. Historical characters of Mihajlo Lomonosov and Catherine II become leaders of a holiday. They will suggest visitors to participate in competitions. Last two days of the Pancake week which have for the weekend become the most entertainment by tradition. On Saturday on Vasilevsky descent of visitors expects not only the dramatized program, but also gala - a concert with participation of stars of a platform, among which Leonid Agutin, Dmitry Malikov, groups Cream Oleg Gazmanov, the City 312 and others. On Sunday, in 14. 00, from the Triumphal area to the basic venue of a holiday will pass carnival maslenichnoe procession with drummers, rjazhenymi on stilts, circus actors, organ-grinders, representatives of other carnivals.

- Contrary to tradition we will not burn a straw stuffed animal, - Antjufeev has told. - Such decision is accepted for reasons of fire safety. By the way, we thought for a long time, as though to replace this ceremony as it put a serious psychological trauma to children. After all at first a stuffed animal extol, address as to live, and in the end burn. Some children during fulfilment of this ceremony cried. Therefore this year the stuffed animal will be ice, and once it will reincarnate in the flower composition symbolising arrival of spring.

One more surprise waits for Muscovites already after the Pancake week when in Color parkway there will be a sculptural composition from bronze: a pile of pancakes and near to it sitting with kadushkoj honey a bear copied from a picture Morning in pine wood Ivan Shishkin.

By the way, for ten years` celebrating of the Pancake week Moscow has saved up a wide experience of the organisation of walks which some European capitals want to borrow. Last year the Wide pancake week walked across London. This year the holiday will arrive also to Dublin, capital of Ireland. The skill national collectives will flash, sale of souvenirs, the master - classes on national crafts will be organised. Dubliners and Londoners also will please with theatrical performances and plentiful feasts with pancakes.