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The authorities discuss prospects of development of monocities

In the first of February the government plans to confirm programs of development of the monocities which are in especially difficult situation. Pikaleve first of all is a question of Tolyatti, Baikalsk.

Yesterday the mayor of the last Valery Pintaev on a press - conferences has told about some details of the past on the eve of session of the governmental commission devoted to this question. On it mayors presented programs of development of the cities, manufacture diversifications at headquarters plants.

Baikalsk which has entered into number 27 of monocities to which the federal management will assist first of all, too has presented the offers which, however, sounded and before. Also they are turned into the happy future. New workplaces are supposed to be created at the expense of development of tourism, strawberry processing, butilirovanija waters from Baikal, buildings of an improving complex. The question price - 5 billion roubles.

the mayor understands Vulnerability of offers also. Seasons both for a strawberry, and for tourism are very short, and money for the whole year for it will not earn. The question is opened.

Besides as has noted zam - the chairman of committee of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen (RSPP) on wildlife management and ekol ogii Yury Maksimenko, an environment in Baikalsk is severe enough. In the winter average temperature - a minus 20. In the summer, practically till June, in mountains snow lies. So if there will be tourists who will want to have a rest there, most likely ekstremaly.

But, anyhow, the question of expansion of fields of activity of inhabitants of Baikalsk should be solved. Now the city is in dependence from tselljulozno - paper industrial complex. On it worked before closing about two thousand persons. For 17 - a thousand city it is a lot of - almost every second family depended on a situation at industrial complex. The profitable part of city budget for 80 percent is formed at the expense of BTSBK. Baikalsk is heated thanks to enterprise thermal power station. But industrial complex prospects while are foggy.

in the Autumn of 2008 after Rosprirodnadzor has demanded to enter at the enterprise the closed water turn Baikal tselljulozno - the paper industrial complex has stopped the work. The new technology has compelled industrial complex to refuse release of certain kinds of production which were in demand and exported to China. The industrial complex management has declared that in such conditions the enterprise was able to financially - an economic default .

Then in the street have appeared about one and a half thousand workers. Until recently all of them were clients of a placement service. And only after the government of Russia the decision from January, 13th, 2010 has excluded manufacture of cellulose, a paper and a cardboard from the list of kinds of the activity forbidden in the central ecological zone of the Baikal natural territory, the road to renewal of work of industrial complex became actually opened.

This decision has caused the sharp criticism from ecologists. However now manufacture is restored - in the end of December equipment testing has begun, and in January the first experimental batch of not bleached cellulose is made.

Back for work 1081 persons are accepted, some more hundreds townsmen in the near future will be employed. However, the salary at industrial complex now twice below the pre-crisis. If before closing people on the average earned 19 thousand, now 8 - 10 thousand.

the Administration promises that as soon as the industrial complex will be included into a habitual working track and will start to let out cellulose, earnings of workers will rise to former level.

However it is difficult to predict, when it will occur. While also it is not clear, as long the enterprise will work and whether the market will claim not bleached cellulose which it will start to let out.

According to the mayor, the decision on a development of the city the government promised to accept in the first of February.