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The newspaper Maariv : on the Israeli soldiers will put in inodorous socks

Since March of this year in army of Israel special socks which will essentially facilitate life of soldiers will be delivered. Socks do not publish an unpleasant smell even after two weeks continuous socks, and also interfere with occurrence of fungi standing military men.

Though it can seem to some strange, but socks - the extremely important detail of regimentals of infantrymen, - the brigade general of Israeli army Nisim Pepper has told. - during doctrines and a course of training from - for the brought down and erased feet there are many problems - the skilled military man has underlined.

the Newspaper notices that new socks which structure includes special materials and even impregnations of metals, will allow to lower essentially those inconveniences which so oppress recruits especially in the first weeks of service. Let`s remind that according to the Israeli laws all citizens of the country - both men, and women - should serve in country armed forces. For men service life makes three years, and for girls - 1 year and 9 months.